Part II - Nimbusters

Part II

by itshotinhere, Sunday, November 12, 2017, 20:24 (402 days ago) @ BigAl

As I continued fucking Brian's ass, I could feel the rubber cock slipping up and down my ass crack. It felt good gliding along the sensitive skin of my crack. Kelly humped into me several times, sliding her rubber member up and down my ass crack then I felt her line the head up with my anus. I started to say 'no' even as she pushed forward.

"Relax daddy, it'll feel good, I promise."

"No baby." I said firmly.

"Ever since I got this I fantasized about fucking you with it." She said as she gently pushed it against my sphincter, not hard enough to gain entrance but enough I could feel the pressure. "And I've dreamed of fucking a guy who's fucking another guy. I'm so hot right now, won't you fulfill my fantasies, daddy?"

"Honey..." I started.

"You'll get to fuck your little girl's virgin pussy." She said whispering in my ear.

I moaned with increased arousal, and nodded my assent. That's all it took for my daughter to grab my hips, like I held Brian's, and she pushed forward, popping the head of her rubber dick into my ass. It didn't hurt as much as I expected and my daughter moaned in my ear even as she continued to press forward.

As she pushed into me, I sank back into Brian's inviting ass, my cock was fully buried into his ass, and my daughter was still feeding my ass with her rubber cock. I was feeling filled, and was still surprised it didn't really hurt, just an increasing pressure and then I felt her pressed tight against me, her breasts pressed to my back, her flat belly and pelvis resting against my lower back.

"Oh fuck daddy!" She moaned excitedly, "you took it all! You do take dick like a real man. Brian was such a whiney bitch the first time, not like you daddy!"

I moaned and pulled my dick from Brian's ass till only the head was in, leaning back into my daughter. Then I pushed back sinking deep into the ass before me as Kelly pulled back. Then she was plowing into me and I found myself pushing back into it as I withdrew from Brian. I moaned louder as her rubber tip found a sensitive spot in my ass that made my cock jump. Kelly and Brian moaned in excited response.

Slowly the three of us picked up our speed, getting into a rhythm, and as our pace increased I gripped Brian's dick in a tight fist. He groaned and began humping with even greater gusto. In only a couple more strokes, his ass clenched down tight on my cock and he screamed like a bitch in heat as he writhed beneath me, and he began shooting his load out onto the floor.

I heard Kelly begin to moan and then scream as her movements became less steady and then I knew she was cumming as she let loose a scream and shoved her rubber dick deep into my ass and ground herself against me.

"Yes daddy! Yes, I fucking love fucking your ass!"

That was it for me, I slammed deep into Brian, and had the largest orgasm I'd ever had as I shot load after load into his clenching ass.

"Yeah baby, fuck your daddy's ass! You are making me cum into your boyfriend's bitch ass!"

As our orgasms subsided I pulled my cock free of Brian's ass and collapsed on Kelly's bed as her rubber dick popped free from my ass. Brian and I both moaned as the dicks came out of our asses. Then the three of us laid together in a tangle of sweat and cum soaked bodies, we took deep breaths of air, as we tried to regain our breath.

I awoke to two mouths licking and sucking my genitals. One was working my shaft; the other was bathing my balls. I moaned with excited approval before I even looked down.

Kelly's lips were wrapped around my cock, her innocent seeming blue eyes looking up at me. Brian was buried deeper, licking and sucking my balls.

Kelly released my hard cock from her mouth and smiled at me, "Awake daddy?"

"Yes baby." I said with my own smile.

Brian lifted his head and his eyes were pleading, "Please, sir, fuck my ass again. I've never cum as good as I did with your dick in my ass. Kelly is right; I'm a bottom bitch and need to get fucked by a real man."

"I will Brian, I will, but first my daughter owes me something." I got up pressing into her, lifting her legs up as she rolled onto her back and Brian obediently moved out of the way.

"Ooooh daddy!" Kelly said excitedly.

My dick was already ready and lined up with her virgin cunt, and I didn't delay, I set my cock at her entrance and smiled at her.

"Daddy's gonna fuck you now, baby."

"Oh yes, daddy! Fuck your little girl's pussy."

I pushed my dick into her and she moaned, half closing her eyes as I took her, sinking only half my length into her. I backed out and then sank my full length into her; she locked her eyes to mine and screamed.

"Fuck yes! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl!"

I did just that, slowly, rhythmically working my dick in and out of my daughter's pussy. She came twice with my cock sliding deep into her and then I saw her strap-on lying on the bed.

I pulled back, and my dick popped free and she moaned disappointedly, wiggling her hips trying to reclaim my manhood for her pussy. I picked-up the rubber dick that had fucked my ass last night and shoved it into her pussy. She moaned excitedly and then I shifted my dick lower and lined it up with her asshole.

"No daddy!" She said her eyes wide with surprise.

I pressed forward with a smile and as my dick pushed its way into her tight ass, the two of us moaned. I began slowly, sawing back and forth working my cock deeper with every short stroke.

Finally, I was fully buried into Kelly's ass and she moaned and ground her ass into my cock with her eyes closed.

Then she opened her eyes and looked directly at me, "Bad daddy, sticking your hard dick into your little girl's ass."

"Bad little girl, loving her daddy's thick cock buried in her ass." I responded, as I ground my dick into her pushing it slightly deeper, making her ass clench and causing another moan to escape her lips.

Without moving my hips I began to slide the rubber dildo that had most recently been fucking mine and Brian's asses, in and out of Kelly's pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned and began fucking herself on the rubber dong, and not so coincidentally riding her ass on my hard cock.

"Yes daddy! Fuck your little girl! Make me cum again, this time with your thick hard cock in my ass!"

"Okay baby!" I resumed rocking my cock into my little girl's ass.

Slowly I picked up speed and the two of us were grunting and groaning together, my daughter's legs wrapping around me pulling me even deeper into her ass.

I felt Brian move behind me and then his tongue was on my ass, I heard him moaning into my ass as his tongue worked its way into my anus, intensifying my pleasure.

I looked back at Brian and he was on his knees stroking his own dick and happily moaning as he ate out my ass.

I looked back into my daughter's face as she continued to ride the waves of pleasure.

"Fuck daddy! I'm cumming again! I'm cumming with your hard cock in my ass daddy! Cum in my ass daddy, cum in your little girl's ass! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me daddy!"

I continued ramming my cock into Kelly's clenching ass, as she began to really writhe beneath me. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell and I knew I was close.

"I'm cumming baby! Here comes daddy's hot cum!"

"Yes daddy! Do it! Cum into your little girl's ass!"

I felt the cum erupt from me as I began to blast my daughter's bowels with my juices.

"Oh yes daddy! I feel you cumming in my ass! God it's so good!"

"Yeah baby! Your ass is so good!"

Behind me, I could hear Brian as he shot his load out into his own hand. As our orgasms slowly subsided, Kelly's legs slowly released me and I pulled free of her still pulsing ass.

Brian immediately got up and hungrily sucked my softening dick into his mouth, Licking and sucking my member clean then he moved over to Kelly and he began licking and cleaning her ass, apparently eating my cum right from her anus.

Kelly's hand was on the back of his head, pulling him closer as she slowly slid the dildo in and out of her pussy.

"Good boy." She cooed to him softly.

I smiled at the both of them; my daughter, her boyfriend, and her little friend were going to be making my life very interesting from now on. We HAVE to do this again sometime!!

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