has a new owner, Frank Goepfert. - Nimbusters has a new owner, Frank Goepfert.

by Jason Hinkle, Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 21:21 (389 days ago) has a new owner, Frank Goepfert.

You *should* know Frank's name and website: from his banners at the top of the Classifieds and his ads thereon for many years. If you don't know his name because you don't go there, those advertisers pay the ad fees that have kept afloat for the last fifteen-plus years of the twenty-and-change it has been around.

Frank has had his company buy a lot of advertising from this site over the years and is part of our community, so the fit really couldn't be better. If I didn't think he could make it better than it is, I wouldn't have sold it to him.

Me, I'd rather just be making cans than having to also dink with the administrative duties of the website. It's always been a lot more of a community service than a money-making proposition, and after twenty-plus years, I'm ready to pass the torch to someone who has a whole lot more fire in their belly for making the site better.

What does this mean to you, here on the message boards? Well, probably nothing. The boards are really simple, fast and work well because their requirements are minimal.

The Classifieds, on the other hand, are pretty dated. There's a lot required of them, and there are a bunch of things that really should be changed to make the thing faster and simpler for folks placing ads. It's a pretty long list.

So, here on the yammering side, you'll see some dinky things over the next few weeks, like copyright and trademark notifications changing. That's likely it, at least for a while. The big changes will be over on the advertising side, and they will be really big, entirely changed and brand new. I trust they will also be for the better. I expect there will be a learning curve, but that the users will have a lot more functionality.

So Frank, congratulations on your acquisition of; I am looking forward to see what you can do with it in the next twenty years. I'll still be popping in and participating recreationally and enjoying not having to do so as part of my duties. Good luck and Godspeed to you.

As for the rest of you, bless all of y'all, and thank you for the last couple-decades-plus of camaraderie, support and millions of messages. Thank you for your help in making what it is. I anticipate really good things in the future for this site with Frank at the helm. -Tom

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