by Elsie Paroubek, Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 01:16 (376 days ago)

Amanda Seyfried, Marv Merchant&Harry Lime go after 14-16 year old Kevin Mccallister at apartment townhouse address 51 west 95th street new york city. Kevin shoots Amanda Seyfried in her balls through the mail lid with a shotgun rifle, she screamed, then Harry&Marv helped her to wash all the blood from her wound with a water hose, Amanda was washing the blood from her wound meanwhile Kevin pelted bricks onto Marvs head&face killing him, after she was done they went back up to the door, so Harry pulled the knob which was tied to a nailgun shooting nails in his throat killing him off to. Then Amanda jumped up&karate kicked the door tattering it in pieces with her falling down a hole into the basement. Amanda got back up to walk on some slippery green gel pasted on the floor, so she slipped&fell down sliding into a shelf of paint cans. So she was all covered in white blue&yellow paint with green all over her backside. After that she lifted the broken tattered shelf off herself, wiped some paint off her eyes&tried to wash herself but Kevin wired the sink to an electric tazer device, so when Amanda turned the water valves she was being electricuted for a whole minute while screaming, she layed down for some time then she got back up to climb on a rope to the top floor level, but a huge bag of gray cemet powder came crashing down on her bursting the bag&Amanda was all covered in gray cemet powder. Amanda told herself that she is going to kill&murder that kid. After that Amanda dragged a table with tarnish cans full of brown tarnish with a ladder to climb back up the same hole&when she got up on the first floor she pulled out a old time six shooter revolver&went upstairs to shoot Kevin McCallister but he swung some paint cans at her tied to a rope. Amanda shot one paint can&she got sprayed with orange paint, she shot the second paint can&she was sprayed with purple paint. After that Amanda ran upstairs&he swung a huge barbell rod into Amandas stomach crashing her down the hole tattering the wooden table with the tarnish cans&her entire backside was covered in brown polish to.After that he cut the ropes tied to the barbell crashing it onto her upper stomach&chest side. After a while Amanda got back up then put another ladder under the hole which she fell through first to go back outside to the 49 address door side&when she opened the door&came in a blowtorch wired to the door set her red hood on fire burning her hair&when the flames were flaring all over her red sweat jacket she had on she jumped into a big large can of nitroglycerine which wound blow off fire into smoke"n"ashes, so the entire 49 address side blew up into both next door sides with Amanda crashing into the basement with all the ceiling&walls with wood falling on her. After some time she got back up& she was all covered in black thick mucky tar. So she went through to the 47 address side&up the stairs after Kevin yelling some christmas murderous funeral threats on him&when she got to the rooftop Kevin climbed down a rope through a rubbery hard plastic tunnel&called her that he is down here. So Amanda climbed down the rope through the tunnel&halfway down she saw kevin lit the rope on fire because she was smelling it that it was soaked in kerocene. So she was not successful rushing back up&she fell down on a wooden board crashing down into the balcony with all the tarnish cans full of brown tarnish polish water splashing on her after the tunnel blew up while catching fire. After some time she got back up to run after Kevin into the central park down west 95th street, so when he climbed over the wall, she jumped at him knocking him over, so she finally got a hold of him, she sat on his chest with her legs around his head&her cock snubbing on his nose. She pulled out a 9mm bretta handgun firearm onto the side of his head telling him not to fuck with her shes dangerous she did not get through grade 6&he wont either. Then some people came from detroit to stop Amanda. Their names were John Perry, Deshone Perry&Brenda Perry. They told her that she does not need to do this, they will do it for her because Amanda told them fuck off this is not your concern&I have to kill this fucking kid. So she made a deal because her fingers were to sticky"n"to slippery. Deal was if she cant she will pass the gun to them, so she passed the gun, got off him&Brenda Perry threw a big canful of seeds on Amanda, so the 20 pigeon doves were fighting among each other trying to eat all the seeds for a whole minute, after that they were all dead&there were feathers sticking all over Amandas whole entire body. After that John Perry, Brenda Perry&Deshone Perry brought Amanda to their house in detroit, michigan along with Kevin at 12096 rosemont avenue for her to take a shower in the backyard cleaning all the mucky tar from her whole entire body peeling off her shoes, socks, red miniskirt blouse dress along with her red hoody sweat jacket&peeling all the burnt blond hair from her head leaving her completely bald&barenaked to. After that John walked Amanda upstairs in the bedroom where Deshone Perry had a pool tub of hot clear crystal clean water so that he could pour that green pain healing wound healing&scar cleaning powder substance into the water mixing it up for Amanda to lay in it so that she could wipe out all the scars&clean out all the bruises dry gashes from her whole entire barenaked body while Deshone sat on the bed to watch her&John waiting at his other house address in the same area as detroit of 9105 braile street with Kevin. After Amanda was done her bath with the green soapy water all evapourating Deshone drove her to their other house at 9105 braile street still barenaked. When they got there they went into the backyard to see them there with a young 14-16 year old light brunette haired girl sitting barenaked on a big bed mattress. John&Deshone declared some kind of sexual penalty on Amanda for stalking Kevin pursuing him with conspiracy to murder him. Amanda stood by the tall thick mattress to rest her arms on it, so Deshone put a wide thick slice of white bread on her left ass while John poured milk on it, then Deshone put another thick wide slice of white bread on her right ass while John poured milk all over it the same as he did the other one to. So there was milksoaked bread gushed on Amanda seyfrieds ass, then Kevin started pelting the football into the milksoaked bread gushed on her ass extremely hard several times. After that their pet gorilla baboon started kissing Amandas ass with all the milksoaked gushed bread tattered all over her ass, then the gorilla baboon started rubbing his head&face into the tattered milksoaked bread all over her ass, then she shitted on him. Amanda took another big wide thick slice of white bread to wrap all over"n"around her cock, then she poured the milk all over the bread, so there was milksoaked bread gushed on her cock, then the gorilla started kissing the milksoaked bread off her cock, then rubbed his shitty head&face into all over her cock tattering up the milksoaked bread on her cock. After that she ejaculated&pissed all over him&when she was done she washed her ass&cock with the water hose. When she was done she stood by the bed where the barenaked white light brunette haired girl laid on her front side for her, she looked a little like Anna Chlumsky who played Vada on My girl movie. Amanda cracked alot of chocolate chip cookies all over her cock then poured more milk all over it. So there was milksoaked chocolate chip cookies gushed all over her cock then the same girl started snubbing her nose into the milksoaked chocolate chip cookies gushed on her cock. Amanda started ejaculating alot&pissing alot into the girls nose meanwhile the milksoaked chocolate chip cookies dissolved into her dick. After that the same girl snubbed her tonge into Amandas cock then she ejaculate more&piss more into her tonge. After that they sat on a see-saw teeter-totter with one of them going up"n"down turn by turn while pissing alot on one an another for several minutes. When they were both done they went back up on the mattress to sit by two cushion sofa like chairs sealed to the bed face to face cross legged. So the girl bend down to snub her tonge into Amandas cock, she ejaculated even more&pissed even more. Then the girl started snubbing her nose into her cock, then she ejaculate more&piss more. After that Amanda sat back up on the sofa chair to rest abit mean while the girl sat down to rest her head back on the sofa between her legs on her cock facing up at her. Then Amanda started stroking her cock into the girls ponytail, she ejaculate a little bit more&pissed a little bit more into her hair so she took off her elastic to spread her hair all over her cock. So Amanda brushed the girls hair with her cock, she ejaculate the rest&pissed the rest all into her hair&all over her face after she knocked her cock on her nose to&when she was done she passed out after losing so much consciousness. THIS WAS A PLEASURE FOR BOTH OF THEM AFTER AMANDA WAS GETTING THE GUSHED MILKSOAKED BREAD TATTERED ON HER ASS BY MACAULAY CULKINS FOOTBALL!!!!!!HAVE A MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS WITH ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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