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Hi there, Bill!

by PITSWL, Friday, July 06, 2018, 21:38 (165 days ago) @ KarolLovesDonny

Seriously, isn't this place a little low-brow for someone who pretends to be a fine business operator such as yourself to be slumming, and that using a ridiculous name like, "KarolLovesDonny"?

What is it with you and all of the rest of the 313 gang's fascination with homosexuality?

Also, seeing as how you've repeated literally every other ridiculous talking point Brian has written for you here, why didn't you toss out that bit of speculation about the FCC - who, interestingly, are the only party to the case that aren't paying, "court costs...on the Federal level" or what you called, "arbitration costs" here -- having to worry about their tactics?

Is it possible that you realize how ridiculous you come off and figured that that one was a bridge too far?

LOL. You are a ridiculous little lazy-eyed mutant of a man, Willie.

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