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What happened the last time Lloyd tried to act and talk tough

by KK4TL, Sunday, August 26, 2018, 20:40 (113 days ago)

Subject: Lewis-Louis agency shut down
From: "L L O Y D D A V I E S"... @n0vfp.cm
Date: 4/11/2018 1:39 PM Central Daylight Time
Message-id: <3e970...@corp-goliath.newsgroups.com>

AP Atlanta -

In a early morning raid, members of the FBI and other government agencies,
seized assets and files of the Lewis-Louis detective firm, one of the
largest in the South.

A Federal Judge ordered the raid and lockdown of the building, after a
lengthy court case, started by Lloyd A. Davies and his brother Jim Davies.
The Davies brothers, from Alabama, started a class-action lawsuit along with
hundreds of other people who had been the victim of libel and their lives
destroyed by the false and harassment by the firm.

"My Husband lost his job to those two bastards" Jane Hill, one of the
plaintiffs, Mrs. Hill is also suing for wrongful death, in which she claims
her husband committed suicide because of Lewis-Louis.

Along with building seizure, internet access and e-mail have been shut off
and the personal assets of Lewis and Louis have been frozen. "This may be
extreme action," the Judge said, "but we are in extreme times"

"Finest No-Coder to key up a handier talkie"
Ft-817, ARTS 909

Well, well we hear once again from Mr. Davies, one of the most unsavory

characters we have ever investigated.
Let me set you straight Mr. Davies.

1. We are not and have not been closed, or investigated by the FBI as you

2. The Davies brothers do not exist, as witnessed by your own admission that
Jim Davies was a phony name made up by you to "scare" some people off. I can
post your letter on this if you wish.

3. Jane Hill has filed a lawsuit as you are well aware of, as you are named as
the "reason" her husband committed suicide. You and the late Mr. Hill were
involved in a homosexual relationship and the word leaked out to his place of
employment. He then unfortunately committed suicide.

4. The building is owned fully by us and is open to the other 83 tenants who
rent from us.

5. We have had lawsuits filed against us from time to time due to the nature of
our business. Scorecard to date. 18 filed, 0 won. We prevail as you can see.

6. I would suggest, that you think twice before you try to outwit people who
are smarter than you Mr. Davies. You own nothing now, but you could wind up
owning even less if you are foolhardy enough to continue with your stupidity.

Best Regards,

Lewis - Louis
Largest Detective Agency in the South

I always knew Lloyd was a homosexual. This seems to bear that out. He always had a alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass...

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