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Home Alone 2:Lost In New York Porn Show Starring Amanda Seyfried aged 10-13!

by Abrar Ahmad, Sunday, November 12, 2017, 20:05 (399 days ago)

Amanda, Harry&Marv set out to the townhouse apartments on west 95th street in new york to kill 10-12 year old Macaulay Culkin. So when they west to the 51st address side Macaulay Culkin shot Amanda in the balls through the mail lid door with a shotgun rifle, then Harry helped Amanda to wash the blood off her wound with a water hose meanwhile Macaulay threw bricks on Marvs head&face killing him, after Amanda was done washing her wound she was without balls, only a penis, so Harry went back up to open the door&he got killed by a nailgun attached to the door. So Amanda was on her own&she jumped up to karate kick the door open&she fell through a hole into the basement. After that she got up to walk on some green slippery gel&she felld down sliding on the gel into the shelf of paintcans&she was all overed in white, yellow&blue paint along with the green gel on her back. So she got back up again to wipe her face&when she tried to turn on the water faucet it was wired to an electrifying device&she was getting electricuted by Macaulay Culkin using it on her. Amanda tried to climb back up on a rope but the rope fell with a huge bag a gray cemet powder falling on her bursting the bag covering Amanda with lots of gray cemet powder. She put a table full of paint cans with a ladder to climb back up, when she got back on the first floor she went after him, he threw one paint can at her&she shot it&was covered in orange paint. Then he threw one more at her&she shot it&was covered in purple paint this time, then he threw down a big barbell into Amanda again knocking her down back in the basement smashing the paintcans&table. Then she had brown paint on her back&Macaulay cut the ropes tied to the barbell falling down on her stomach. After that she got back up, climbed up a ladder outside to go next door on the 49 address side, when she opened the door a blowtorch wired set her red hood on fire burning her hair&when the flames started to flare all over her she jumped into a huge can of nitrogyrcen that would blow off the fire, then it blew out all the floors&walls into the 51 side&47 side she went down into the basement with everything crashing down on her. After awhile she got back up she was all covered in black thick mucky tar. She went after him up the starir on the 47 side yelling at him&threatening him all the way onto the rooftop. When they got to the rooftop Macaulay climbed down a rope through a black plastic rubbery tunnel, so Amanda started to climb down after him&he set the rope on fir while it was all soaked in kerosene, So Amanda tried to climb back up but the fire burnt her blowing up the tunnel, so she fell down on a board breaking it when she fell back on the ground into the bottom balcony on 47 side with all the tarnish cans falling on her with all the brown tarnish liquid falling on her. After that she got back up&started running after Macaulay into the central park&when he climbed the wall she had jumped him, sat on him with her legs curled around his head&her cock pointing into his nose. Then she took out her gun pointing it into the side of his head&some people came to warn her to stop&that she does not have to do this. They were John Perry, Deshone Perry&Brenda Perry from detroit. So she made a deal with them that if she cant shoot him because her hands are slippery then she will pass Deshone the gun&she did. When she did Brenda Perry threw a big can of bird seeds all over Amanda, then the 20 pigeons started eating&killing one and an other all over Amanda. After that they all died&she was all covered in feathers. John Perry, Deshone Perry&Brenda Perry took Amanda to their home at 12096 rosemont avenue in detroit to have a big long shower to clean all the muck off her ripping off her damaged red miniskirt blouse dress Along with her red hooded sweat jacket&white running shoes. After Amanda showered John took her upstairs into one of the bedrooms where deshone made a big tub of hot water mixing some green pain healing wound cleaning healing&scar cleaning powder substance in the water mixing it up in there like soap for Amanda to lie in it to heal her pain&clean the scars all over her barenaked body. John&Brenda waited at their other house on 9105 braile street for them. After Amanda was finished, Deshone drove her barenaed to their other home&when they got there they decided to give Amanda some punishment for stalking&attempted murder. Amanda stood by a big thick mattress bed in the backyard of their house on 9105 braile street in detroit, to put her arms&hands down into the mattress so that Deshone placed one big bread slice on Amandas ass while Brenda poured the milk into the bread then they did the same to her other ass, so there was milksoaked bread gushed on Amanda ass, John Perry started pelting his football into the milksoaked bread gushed on Amandas ass extremely hard several times. After that their pet gorilla ape started kissing the mashed up milksoaked bread on her ass&rubbed his face&head into it. After that Amanda wrapped another big slice of bread around her cock&poured milk all over it. So there was milksoaked bread gushed on her cock then the gorilla ape started kissing the milksoaked bread off her cock then rubbed his face&head into it. After that Amanda still stood by the bed with another pretty barenaked girl aged 14-16 sitting on the bed who resembled a little bit like Anna Chlumsky with light golden brown hair. Amanda crunched some chocolate chip cookies all over her cock then poured milk on them. So there were milksoaked chocolate chip cookies gushed all over her cock, then the girl started snubbing her nose into the milksoaked chocolate chip cookies on her cock. Amanda ejaculated alot&pissed alot into her nose while they all dissolved&absorbed into her cock. After that the girl snubbed her tonge into Amandas cock then she ejaculated more&pissed more. After that they both got onto a see-saw in the backyard pissing alot on one and another while when one went up&the other went down for like 10 minutes. When they were down they got onto the mattress siiting cross legged facing each other they both hugged&kissed alot meanwhile their cocks knocked on one and another. Then Amanda sat up on a pillow chaair like couch sealed to the bed, the girl sat by her legs facing up with her head back on Amandas cock. Then Amanda snubbed her cock on her nose again, she ejaculated&pissed some more, after that she brushed the girls hair with her cock ejaculating more&pissing more all over her head&face soaking up her hair. After that Amanda got off to lay back on the bed with the girl laying down on her with her wet hair in front of her face on Amandas cock. So some of the girls hair was on her cock with her face in it, so Amanda ejaculated the rest&pissed the rest into the girls nose while she snubbed her tonge on her cock. After she ejaculated so much&pissed so much all over her&including herself she passed out after the girl passed out to. A MEERY FUCKING CHRISTMAS STORY THAT YALL CAN READ THIS SEASON UP TO THE FUCKING NEWYEAR!!!!!

Awesome story! It made me hard and cumb all over my keyboard... yum!

by BigAl, Sunday, November 12, 2017, 20:22 (399 days ago) @ Abrar Ahmad

I especially liked the part where she took the PISS in her mouth and up her nose! Awesome!!

Here is one of my personal fave's - Enjoy!!


Imagine my shock to see a young man on his hands and knees in my daughter's bedroom. Never mind he was last year's star quarterback at her high school, and now he was earning local fame as the first freshman quarterback first string at the college that gave him a full ride. Her door had been left slightly ajar, and I could clearly see the look of ecstasy on his face as he pushed his ass back towards my eighteen year old daughter. She had her hands on both of his hips and she was ramming a thick rubber cock into his 19 year old eager ass.

I stood there for several long minutes; watching, listening, and not really knowing what to do. Then my daughter looked up and smiled at me. She then crooked a finger and motioned me to come closer, all without losing her rhythm. In a trance like state, I approached. The young man my daughter was putting it to, didn't seem to notice as I fully entered my daughter's room. "You like my dick, daddy?" Kelly asked with a smile. The boy looked up, his eyes wide with shock and humiliation, but my daughter continued to ram his ass with her rubber cock without losing a beat. "Brian likes my dick," Kelly continued nonchalantly, "don't you?" She asked as she gave him an extra hard thrust that rocked him forward. He moaned, half closing his eyes, "yes, ma' am." "I think it's time you tried some of the real thing, open my dad's pants and suck his dick like I taught you." "Honey," I started, but I didn't move as I felt my zipper opened. "I don't think..." My pants and boxers were pulled to my ankles freeing my half hard dick. "It's a good..."

His mouth was on my dick and the protest ended. He was quite good, and I wondered how much cock sucking practice he'd had sucking her rubber one. He licked and sucked his way down my shaft, expertly gobbling down my full length until his nose was buried in my pubes, quickly bringing my half hard cock to full staff. He began to bob his head on my cock in time to the ass fucking he was receiving from my daughter. I began to really get into the blowjob, the first I'd had in at least 5 years. I began grunting and groaning as I felt my orgasm approaching and then with a sudden release, my balls tightened and I began shooting my load into his eagerly sucking mouth. He moaned as he swallowed my spunk down, and then when he'd gotten every last drop he released my member from between his lips. "Come here daddy." Kelly said, she as didn't even pause in ramming her dick into Brian's ass. I'd come this far, so I walked to where she was standing between Brian's legs. "Dad, it's kinda rude you are the only one standing here with your clothes still on." Taking the hint I stripped. Once naked, I took full notice of my now grown daughter. How had I missed her growing into a woman? He body was tight and athletic; no surprise since she'd played soccer her entire life and was captain of the varsity team. Her breasts were full, and firm, better than her mother's had ever been, and it made me wonder where she'd gotten them. Her thick full lips spread into a smile as she noticed me checking her out. She reached a hand out and gently stroked my re-hardening dick. "You think I'm pretty daddy?" She asked batting her eyes in an innocent manner that belied what was really going on here. Yes, baby. I always have." "But did you ever think about fucking your little girl like you are now?" "No." I admitted, honestly. "Maybe you'll get to today." She said thoughtfully, "but first..." She pulled her rubber dick free of Brian's ass, "show me what you can do." Kelly moved out from behind Brian and I stepped in. She immediately moved to his head and pulled him up by his hair to bring his mouth to her strap-on. I watched in shock as he took what had just been in his ass, between his lips without protest.

I lined my cock up with Brian's already well fucked hole, and despite the fact I had never before considered doing anything like it, I rammed my dick into his young, manly ass. He moaned as he took my full 9" length deep into his bowels and I felt his anus clench tight on my cock. It felt pretty incredible and somehow taking a man, even a young one, barely 19, made me feel more powerful than I had having sex with any woman. I grabbed hold of his narrow hips and began to slide my cock in and out of his ass, first with long slow strokes but as his moans encouraged me, I began to pick-up my pace. "Oh yeah daddy! Fuck his black ass ass real good!" My daughter cheered, "Reach around and grab his dick in your hand, and feel how hard he is from taking your cock up his ass." I did as she said, grabbing his young hard dick firmly in my hand. He groaned as he pushed forward into my hand and his ass clenched all the tighter on my cock. He seemed harder than steel and he seemed to go wild beneath me. I quickly realized he was trying to cum in my hand. I relaxed my hand and I heard him moan with frustration even as he ground his ass backwards onto my manhood. "You fuck him good daddy." Kelly said as she pulled her rubber dick from Brian's mouth. She walked towards me, running her hands along Brian's back as she approached me.

As I continued to ram my dick deep into her boyfriend's ass my daughter ran her hands up my chest. Her fingers slid into my hair and slowly she pulled my head closer to her. I didn't resist as she brought our lips together for a kiss. Her tongue passed through my lips and began twining with my tongue immediately. I moaned into the kiss as my left hand left Brian's hip and began to massage my own daughter's soft and supple breast, causing her to moan back. She finally broke the kiss, running her hands along my upper body as she moved behind me, her fingers tracing lines over my back. I felt her lips on my back as her fingers moved down to cup my buttocks. "You are so sexy!" Kelly whispered as she kissed her way lower.

Her hands were tracing over my ass and lower back and her lips were getting lower. I felt her grab my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, and then I felt her tongue lightly glide part way down my ass crack. It felt surprisingly good and I moaned in response.

Slowly she licked her way up and down my ass crack, getting deeper with every pass, and then she was running her tongue over and around my anus. It felt incredible and I found myself moaning louder.

Then I felt her press her tongue into my ass. My eyes shot open as I groaned. I couldn't believe my daughter was tongue fucking my ass!

I was still slowly fucking Brian's ass, working my dick in and out of him in slow and steady thrusts but every thrust of Kelly's tongue into my ass made my cock jump excitedly.

After several blissful moments, I felt Kelly pull back and then her finger was pushing into my ass.

"This is so turning me on! Brian, tell my dad what you want."

"I want you to fuck me." Brian whispered.

"What was that?" Kelly asked as she stood up behind me. I could feel some cool liquid dripping down my ass crack.

"Fuck me, please Mr. Anderson." Brian said and he seemed to be genuinely pleading. "I need your thick cock. Please sir, keep fucking me."

"Good boy." Kelly cooed, as I felt her pressing her rubber cock up against the crack of my ass.

Part II

by itshotinhere, Sunday, November 12, 2017, 20:24 (399 days ago) @ BigAl

As I continued fucking Brian's ass, I could feel the rubber cock slipping up and down my ass crack. It felt good gliding along the sensitive skin of my crack. Kelly humped into me several times, sliding her rubber member up and down my ass crack then I felt her line the head up with my anus. I started to say 'no' even as she pushed forward.

"Relax daddy, it'll feel good, I promise."

"No baby." I said firmly.

"Ever since I got this I fantasized about fucking you with it." She said as she gently pushed it against my sphincter, not hard enough to gain entrance but enough I could feel the pressure. "And I've dreamed of fucking a guy who's fucking another guy. I'm so hot right now, won't you fulfill my fantasies, daddy?"

"Honey..." I started.

"You'll get to fuck your little girl's virgin pussy." She said whispering in my ear.

I moaned with increased arousal, and nodded my assent. That's all it took for my daughter to grab my hips, like I held Brian's, and she pushed forward, popping the head of her rubber dick into my ass. It didn't hurt as much as I expected and my daughter moaned in my ear even as she continued to press forward.

As she pushed into me, I sank back into Brian's inviting ass, my cock was fully buried into his ass, and my daughter was still feeding my ass with her rubber cock. I was feeling filled, and was still surprised it didn't really hurt, just an increasing pressure and then I felt her pressed tight against me, her breasts pressed to my back, her flat belly and pelvis resting against my lower back.

"Oh fuck daddy!" She moaned excitedly, "you took it all! You do take dick like a real man. Brian was such a whiney bitch the first time, not like you daddy!"

I moaned and pulled my dick from Brian's ass till only the head was in, leaning back into my daughter. Then I pushed back sinking deep into the ass before me as Kelly pulled back. Then she was plowing into me and I found myself pushing back into it as I withdrew from Brian. I moaned louder as her rubber tip found a sensitive spot in my ass that made my cock jump. Kelly and Brian moaned in excited response.

Slowly the three of us picked up our speed, getting into a rhythm, and as our pace increased I gripped Brian's dick in a tight fist. He groaned and began humping with even greater gusto. In only a couple more strokes, his ass clenched down tight on my cock and he screamed like a bitch in heat as he writhed beneath me, and he began shooting his load out onto the floor.

I heard Kelly begin to moan and then scream as her movements became less steady and then I knew she was cumming as she let loose a scream and shoved her rubber dick deep into my ass and ground herself against me.

"Yes daddy! Yes, I fucking love fucking your ass!"

That was it for me, I slammed deep into Brian, and had the largest orgasm I'd ever had as I shot load after load into his clenching ass.

"Yeah baby, fuck your daddy's ass! You are making me cum into your boyfriend's bitch ass!"

As our orgasms subsided I pulled my cock free of Brian's ass and collapsed on Kelly's bed as her rubber dick popped free from my ass. Brian and I both moaned as the dicks came out of our asses. Then the three of us laid together in a tangle of sweat and cum soaked bodies, we took deep breaths of air, as we tried to regain our breath.

I awoke to two mouths licking and sucking my genitals. One was working my shaft; the other was bathing my balls. I moaned with excited approval before I even looked down.

Kelly's lips were wrapped around my cock, her innocent seeming blue eyes looking up at me. Brian was buried deeper, licking and sucking my balls.

Kelly released my hard cock from her mouth and smiled at me, "Awake daddy?"

"Yes baby." I said with my own smile.

Brian lifted his head and his eyes were pleading, "Please, sir, fuck my ass again. I've never cum as good as I did with your dick in my ass. Kelly is right; I'm a bottom bitch and need to get fucked by a real man."

"I will Brian, I will, but first my daughter owes me something." I got up pressing into her, lifting her legs up as she rolled onto her back and Brian obediently moved out of the way.

"Ooooh daddy!" Kelly said excitedly.

My dick was already ready and lined up with her virgin cunt, and I didn't delay, I set my cock at her entrance and smiled at her.

"Daddy's gonna fuck you now, baby."

"Oh yes, daddy! Fuck your little girl's pussy."

I pushed my dick into her and she moaned, half closing her eyes as I took her, sinking only half my length into her. I backed out and then sank my full length into her; she locked her eyes to mine and screamed.

"Fuck yes! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl!"

I did just that, slowly, rhythmically working my dick in and out of my daughter's pussy. She came twice with my cock sliding deep into her and then I saw her strap-on lying on the bed.

I pulled back, and my dick popped free and she moaned disappointedly, wiggling her hips trying to reclaim my manhood for her pussy. I picked-up the rubber dick that had fucked my ass last night and shoved it into her pussy. She moaned excitedly and then I shifted my dick lower and lined it up with her asshole.

"No daddy!" She said her eyes wide with surprise.

I pressed forward with a smile and as my dick pushed its way into her tight ass, the two of us moaned. I began slowly, sawing back and forth working my cock deeper with every short stroke.

Finally, I was fully buried into Kelly's ass and she moaned and ground her ass into my cock with her eyes closed.

Then she opened her eyes and looked directly at me, "Bad daddy, sticking your hard dick into your little girl's ass."

"Bad little girl, loving her daddy's thick cock buried in her ass." I responded, as I ground my dick into her pushing it slightly deeper, making her ass clench and causing another moan to escape her lips.

Without moving my hips I began to slide the rubber dildo that had most recently been fucking mine and Brian's asses, in and out of Kelly's pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned and began fucking herself on the rubber dong, and not so coincidentally riding her ass on my hard cock.

"Yes daddy! Fuck your little girl! Make me cum again, this time with your thick hard cock in my ass!"

"Okay baby!" I resumed rocking my cock into my little girl's ass.

Slowly I picked up speed and the two of us were grunting and groaning together, my daughter's legs wrapping around me pulling me even deeper into her ass.

I felt Brian move behind me and then his tongue was on my ass, I heard him moaning into my ass as his tongue worked its way into my anus, intensifying my pleasure.

I looked back at Brian and he was on his knees stroking his own dick and happily moaning as he ate out my ass.

I looked back into my daughter's face as she continued to ride the waves of pleasure.

"Fuck daddy! I'm cumming again! I'm cumming with your hard cock in my ass daddy! Cum in my ass daddy, cum in your little girl's ass! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me daddy!"

I continued ramming my cock into Kelly's clenching ass, as she began to really writhe beneath me. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell and I knew I was close.

"I'm cumming baby! Here comes daddy's hot cum!"

"Yes daddy! Do it! Cum into your little girl's ass!"

I felt the cum erupt from me as I began to blast my daughter's bowels with my juices.

"Oh yes daddy! I feel you cumming in my ass! God it's so good!"

"Yeah baby! Your ass is so good!"

Behind me, I could hear Brian as he shot his load out into his own hand. As our orgasms slowly subsided, Kelly's legs slowly released me and I pulled free of her still pulsing ass.

Brian immediately got up and hungrily sucked my softening dick into his mouth, Licking and sucking my member clean then he moved over to Kelly and he began licking and cleaning her ass, apparently eating my cum right from her anus.

Kelly's hand was on the back of his head, pulling him closer as she slowly slid the dildo in and out of her pussy.

"Good boy." She cooed to him softly.

I smiled at the both of them; my daughter, her boyfriend, and her little friend were going to be making my life very interesting from now on. We HAVE to do this again sometime!!

Home Alone 2:Lost In New York Porn Show Starring Amanda Seyfried aged 10-13!

by Trump is Best, Saturday, December 02, 2017, 11:10 (379 days ago) @ Abrar Ahmad

Who is she?

Home Alone 2:Lost In New York Porn Show Starring Amanda Seyfried aged 10-13!:Amanda Seyfried is an american actress.....

by Elsie Paroubek, Sunday, December 03, 2017, 16:41 (378 days ago) @ Trump is Best

Just look her up!

Home Alone 2:Lost In New York Porn Show Starring Amanda Seyfried aged 10-13!

by ppst, Thursday, December 14, 2017, 01:45 (368 days ago) @ Abrar Ahmad

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Home Alone 2:Lost In New York Porn Show Starring Amanda Seyfried aged 10-13!

by HYst, Friday, December 15, 2017, 08:57 (366 days ago) @ Abrar Ahmad

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