Happy 94th Anniversary of Uncle Wolf's Beer Hall Putsch & 52nd Anniversary of the Northeast Blackout, Fellow Nimonians! I regretfully am forced to give you the far less salutary news that the eagarly anticipated RBN premiere of the newly reconstituted ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT this Thanksgiving is now on hold for an as of yet undetermined interval of time. After conveying My grievances to My good friend and RBN chief, John Stadtmiller over his casual dismissal of racial differences between us White people and Negroes, Johnstadt invited some of the other RBN hosts along with Me, the Daleks and My OTDF co-host to be, Joe Bednarsky, to Johnstadt's vacation getaway to discuss this & other issues for the weekend. Johnstadt still claims he thinks that it's environmental factors which make the moolies different from us, but I've noticed that every time he makes that claim, it's accompanied by a vaguely pained expression on his face, as though he's wrestling with some implicit, internal conflict. *NM*

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