Re: In the last week we've seen *several D media people go down, including Flat Liar *another D Congressman being pushed to resign yesterday (freshman "Dreamer" from NV) *tax cuts passed *repeal of the individual mandate *Trump announcing the move of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem *Trump indicating "net neutrality" is gone *one more circuit court judge approved and three more moved out of committee to be approved this week *DOJ re-charges Kate Steinle's killer *Selma John Conyers saying he'll stay cuz "dual standard" with Frankenberry, meaning they BOTH will be forced out *Daily exposure of the SexPay list in Congress *GDP hits 3.3 when "smart people" told us that was impossible *unemployment falls again; # of jobholders at all time high *Dow cracks 23,000 *Yellen says recovery secure for the near future; another economist says 8 of 10 top economies in world are growing---nearly unprecedented *ISIS is nearly eradicated *Sessions has engaged in a massive restructuring of DOJ === *NM*

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