Here in New Jersey it snowed this morning, then changed to sleet and freezing rain around noon.

Hal Turner was picked up and was traveling as a passenger with associates to a meeting when a multi-car crash happened in front of them on the three-lane road they were on.

The car Hal was in successfully stopped. It was not in that accident.

A tractor trailer behind them did not stop.

The truck jack-knifed and the trailer moving sideways but forward, hit the car Hal was in from behind. The trailer ripped much of the roof off the car and came to rest on top of it.

Fire Rescue got Hal and the other occupants out but they were injured. Hal was unconscious. Something from the roof or the trailer hit him in the head and knocked him out.

Because he was taken from the scene unconscious, the hospital admitted him. Hal regained consciousness at the hospital and aside from what he calls a splitting headache, he seems fine now. Tests (MRI/CT stuff) show no bleeding in his brain and no fractured skull.

He will be released from the hospital tomorrow morning (Thursday).