Nothing worth listening to I know of but I really wish TRP with Frank From Queens and John From Staten Island was on. They would no doubt talk about how Israel announced today that it dealt CRUSHING BLOWS to Syia and Iran for their cowardly terrorist strike of an Israeli jet. Don't these animals with the filthy towels wrapped around their heads know they can never beat Israel? G-d and the United States won't allow it, and the Trump's White House Press Secretary announced the U.S. has declared its 100% support of Israel. I seriously fear a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil soon by Iran or Syria which will bring the U.S. into the conflict with Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. If war is what Iran and Syria want, they will get war. They will lose badly too. As the great George W. Bush would say, BRING IT!! *NM* *LINK*

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