On, come on now! Hogg's head has a nice shape! It might just appear to be a bit oblong because he's so ridiculously skinny, but it's this same liability which undoubtedly keeps him from having a bitchin' booty just like the bodaciously awesome Zac Efron, who's got one of the most fuckable asses I've ever seen on another dude! Of course, Zac's a Jew, so this is to be expected. David Hogg is probably not Jewish, though. His pug nose sort of gives it away but many of my Jewish friends have had pug noses surgically added and I've even heard of some who had their hawk noses rendered into pugs after their boyfriends with exceptionally large bottoms sat on their faces for a bit too long. Either way I can't be sure if little Davie Boichik is a Jew or not, but even if he's not, he's still a cutie. Zac, on the other hand, is a GOD! My fantasy would be to make a Zac Attack! sandwich with both of them, yummy! But that in NO WAY means that I am gay because I AM NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*PICS*

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