N9OGL steals short story written by Lloyd Davies back in 2005

Lloyd at the Gates of Dawn
Copyright (c) Lloyd Davies 2005
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter One
1913 – The Visit

It was an unusually warm autumn day, when a local boy – a student of mine decided to pay me a visit at my home. It was extremely strange for a student to come visit me at my home. I had been a teacher since 1898 at Pickford Junior High, and not once in the fifteen years, that I taught here, did I had a boy come visit me at my home. The reason for his visit was a mystery to me, but according the boy it was “of great importance”. That day he asked to come to my house I told him my house was on the corner of Main and Morton Street, and the easiest way to get my house was by the trolley car, which ran down the middle of Main Street. He pulled out a sheet of paper and began writing fown on the sheet the information.

Why he couldn't talk to me at school on Monday was a mystery to me. Perhaps he was being bullied at school and feared for his life. Thus, he figured this would be a safe place to discuss the issue. Whatever the case may be, he was to arrive at my house around two in the afternoon, in the meantime, I decided to do a little cleaning around the house.

When two o’clock came around, the doorbell rang and I walking in the foyer to answer it. When I opened the door, there was standing in front of me was a thirteen year old boy with brownish-blond hair, blue-green eyes and brown framed glasses. He was wearing blue jeans and white shirt under a light brown trench coat. As he stood on my porch he seemed to be a little nervous. He began to look around, as to see if he hadn't been followed. He continued to look around while he nervously rubbed his hands in a circular pattern.

"Come in" I told him as he slowly stepped inside the foyer. He didn't say much as walked through the doorway into the house. I told him to follow me and we proceeded to walked into the living room where we sat down. I sat in a large green arm chair, while he sat on my couch. He peered around the room only to stop and glance greatly at the shelves which housed my vast book collection on the bookshelves.

"Some of those books date back to the 12th century AD" I told him point to one of them with a little smile on my face of some great achievement to collect some rare books from the middle ages.

“My family has a large library” He said “I would spend hours in there with my sisters reading to the little ones, while older sisters would read books on astronomy and quantum mechanics”

“Quantum what?” I asked

“Oh yeah, you don’t have that here” he mumbled

"So, what's on your mind?" I asked him as he slowly turned to look at me.

"Well," he said nervously "I don't know how to put this" he replied.

"Go right ahead and tell me" I told him.

"Well, I'm not from this world" he mumbled.

I was a little taken aback by this comment, as I sat there wondering if this boy was right in the head.

"So, what, you're from outer space?" I asked him, smirking.

"No!", he said quickly, "that's not what I'm saying."

"So, what exactly are you saying?" I asked.

“I come from a parallel universe” He said.

I was taken back and puzzled by what he said

“Parallel universe?” I asked

“Yeah you see there are a number of worlds out there” He said

“You mean like planets in outer space” I responded

“Yeah” he said with excitement “However, these worlds are like this one, but slightly different”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Here, let me give you an example” He said “This is Pickford in Dane County right?”

“Yeah” I said

“In my world there is no Pickford or Dane County, nor is there Tirol, and the government system here is not the same as mine. In fact it took me months and lots of reading to understand your government system.”

“Really?” I asked

“Yeah you see, in my world we don’t have a “King – Führer” we have a president and a congress and the people elected the president, every four years.”

I sat there shocked by this young boys imaginative tale of a make – believe world.

“and the Congress is elected also by the people and they are suppose to represent the people.”

“So, if the world you come from has a president, what his name?” I asked

“Oh, that’s easy, Ronald Reagan” He said with a little excitement.

“The actor?” I said with shock.

“Yeah” He said as I rolled my eyes and shook my head by the outlandish things this boy is saying.

“But it’s true” he said

“OK, Let me get this straight, you claim to come from a parallel universe, where the president is an actor”

"Yeah" he nodded

“So my next question is how did you get here?” I asked

“Well” he said as got back into the slothfulness manner. “that’s a long story”

“Perhaps you should start from the beginning” I told him.


My name is Lloyd Davies, not Woger Wiseman. and as you know I'm thirteen years old. I was born in the small town of Hamden, New York, near the base of the Catskill Mountains. When I was eight, my family moved us all, all meaning me and my nine sisters to the small farming community in Alabama called Athens. I know what I'm about to tell you sounds a little far fetched, or even sounds like the rambling of a deranged over imaginative thirteen year old boy, however, I assure you what I'm about to tell you did happen.

I had spent the previous evening at my friends house, staying in our make-shift clubhouse which at one time, used to be an old coal shed. We spend most of the night playing around in the dark, either in the woods playing commando, or sitting inside the club house eating ice cream and talking about various things.

“Friends? What where there names” I asked

“Brad, Todd and Woger” he replied

Anyway, around four AM I decided to go home, I had left at that time because it was a long walk from their house to my house, and the sooner I got home the sooner I could go to bed. As I walked home I would stop for a bit to rest, since after all I had been up all night; the symptoms of being up all night were slowly catching up to me. On this one occasion I had stopped to sit on top of the hill which was located in the front of a newly built church on Vandeveer Street. As I sat there I grabbed out of my knapsack, a glass bottle of Pepsi, which I had saved from the previous night. I sat the bottle of Pepsi between my legs and dug around in my knapsack for the bottle opener. Digging around I was unaware of the dark figure coming down the dirt driveway between these two abandoned farmhouses. As I looked up I noticed the dark cloaked figure pointing at me with his bony finger, beckoning me to come. I grabbed the bottle between my legs and placed it back into the knapsack and stood up and walked over to the figure, who turned and began walking down the dirt driveway.

I followed the dark cloaked figure pass the farmhouse, a white dilapidated old garage, a few barns, with large holes in the side and a smelly outhouse. We arrived at a large green pasture and on the other side of it was two big wooden doors attached to a monolithic Cyclopean stone wall. As the sun rose light began to hit the green lush pasture the wooden doors slowly opened. Behind the doors was a dark forest covered in cobwebs. The figure pointed to a small path that lead through the woods and said “stay on the path or you will be lost forever”.

I looked at the path again and then turned back towards the figure, and he was gone. Now, I know you're probably thinking, why didn't you just leave and forget about going through the gate into that dark forest? Perhaps it was my curiosity that got the better of me, I mean there must have been a reason for the door to open and the strange figure telling me to stay on the path. So I walked over to a stone pillar and grabbed the lit torch and began my journey on the path, unaware that the massive doors were closing behind me.

I traveled even deeper into the dark woods, with the torch as my only light source. Strange animal noises could be heard, yet none could be seen. On both sides of the narrow path which I took was cobwebs which was thick as brush. The light flickered off of objects buried with the thick cobwebs. I noticed near the path something shining and I went to see what it was only to discover it was a skeleton a suit of armor. A large snake bellowed out from the mouth of the skull and I jumped back. Picking myself off the ground, I continued down the path.

I arrived at a junction, which had eight paths leading in different directions. I took the first path and followed it in and around, up and down small hills until I came to a clearing, near a dark pond. The water of the pond was pitch black and no life form could possibly live in it. The ground surrounding the pond was a deep black mud, and the air was permeated with the smell of something akin to raw sewage and rotten dead flesh. Not far from where I was standing was a young woman, naked, standing waist-deep in the dark water. Her back was turned towards me and she had long brown hair that went down to her butt. She just stood there, taking her hand and cupping bits of water and dowsing herself with what little water she had in her hand. The water would slide off her naked flesh of her back causing the dark water to ripple.

“Hello?” I said, as I walked towards the edge of the water. She stopped pouring water on her body as I got closer to the edge of the water.

“Hello, can You tell me where I am?” I asked, pulling my brown rim glasses up. She slowly turned around, and I noticed the front of her body had been eaten away, in some places down to the bone. As she headed toward me, I noticed maggots oozing from her pus-filled body, I slow back away. Her face looked as if it had been ripped off and I could no longer stand it, so I turned around and ran as fast as I could down the path I had just came from.

I arrived back at junction and began walking down the next path. I traveled down that path, for what seemed to be hours, until I came to a dirty, white farmhouse, covered in dirt. The house had an ungodly smell coming from it. Near the house was a dog house which a chained big, two-headed dog laying next to the opening of the dog house. The dog seemed to be eating something, so I slowly walked closer toward the beast to see what it was eating. As I got closer to the monstrous dog, I noticed that the two-headed dog was eating a little girl. The little girl looked at me as the dog bit into her chest. She tried crying for help, only to have large pools of blood oozed from her mouth, as tears rolled down her eyes. I slowly backed away from the dog with the two heads and went back the way I came.

“So you didn’t save that poor girl” I asked

“The dog was huge, larger then the largest dog that I know of – the Irish wolf hound”

I arrived once again at the junction and headed down the next path, trying to find my way out of this nightmarish forest.

Walking down the many hills and hollows, I arrived at another clearing, which was a fairly large pasture which could be seen from the overlooking hill which the forest come out to. I walked over to ledge of the hill and looked down into the valley. In the valley, were wooden stakes, pointing high into sky. And on these stakes, were people, the stake was going through their backs, and out through their chest. The valley was nothing but people impaled with stakes, and seemed to go on forever. Near where I stood, I could see the individuals who seems to still be alive, reaching up into the cloud filled sky, toward a bright light as though they are trying reach for that light. I turned and headed back to down the path toward the junction.

I went down the next path, up and down again through valleys till I came to another little opening and there sitting high on top a mound of large boulders was a large lonely tree. I didn’t know what to expect so I slowly made my way to the tree, as I got closer I noticed it had a large, wonderful smelling fruit hanging from it’s limbs. When I arrived at the tree I noticed those wonderful smelling fruit, were in the shape of people’s heads. I turned one around and looked at the face that was on the fruit and the eye’s opened up and it began screaming through it’s small mouth HELP ME! I jumped back and took off running away from that tree and headed back down the path, to the junction.

I went down the next path and it too crisscross till I came to another opening, which had a sign which read BAD CHILDREN. I walked a little bit farther until I cam to what appeared to a small town, you know the kind you would see in an old western. I walk into the cross toad of the main street and the town looked to be empty. The sun was high in the sky, then all of the sudden it turned to black and I heard a horrifying noise and I ran and hid. Coming speeding down the main street of town was two large horse drive wagons, like pantechnicon van. The horses, which was around on each one were jet black, with red fire for eyes. The two horse dawn carts stopped in the middle of town and two guys on the front of each of them jump off and went around back.

I sneak around to get a better view and the men went around back and open the rear door of the pantechnicon van. All four men wore black with tall top hats on their head. There was one skinny man and one muscular man in each group and the skinny man reached his hand into the car and began trying to pull something out. As I watch the other skinny man from the other cart was doing the same thing. Suddenly the I saw what the skinny man had his hand on, it was a leg. But it was not an ordinary leg, it was the leg of a young child. He yanks on it and a young girl around eight, flew out and fell to the ground, she was scared and crying. The muscular man grabbed the girl and proceed to carry her into one of the buildings. The skinny man, once again reached into the cart again and grabbed another leg, and it was a boy flew out of the pantechnicon van. He crying frantically say “please I want my mommy and Daddy, I will be a good, I promise” the muscular man came out and grabbed the boy, who was kicking and screaming as he went into the building. Thus the men in both groups continued to do it, pulling children ranging from five to my age out of the pantechnicon van and taking them into the building were loud deathly screaming could be heard.

“So What were they doing with them?” I asked him

I don't know, I waited to see. As the took the last of the children into the building, the skinny men just back onto the carts and the horses let a terrible noise. The big fellows came out of the building and on the horse and the pantechnicon van began to speed off into the darkness. After they left the sun returned to the town, and I walked over to the building and walked in to see what happened to those children.

“And?” I asked with hesitation to want to know.

“Nothing” he said

“What do you mean nothing? I asked

“The building the big muscular men went into with all those children was completely empty” he said

I looked around, seeing if there was a trap door or some-kind of secret passageway, but there was none. So I decide to head back the way I came, before those men came back, I found out what happened to them. I arrived back at the junction and followed the next path.

Following the path it came to a smaller clearing in the woods. In front of me was a monolithic Cyclopean structure built perhaps by some unknown people or perhaps some ancient forgotten gods. As I stood in front of its' strange geometrical design, I thought to myself, what unseen horror will I see this time. About that time, coming out from behind one of the pillars was a young girl, around the age of ten. She had long blond hair and brown eyes. She didn't seem like the other horrible things that I had previously seen. She wore a mini-skirt and a white shirt. And as she got closer to me she gave off a smile that seemed to glow

“What are you doing here?” She asked, as she folded her arms and looked as if she was slightly mad.

I told her what had happened from the very beginning, that I was walking home from my friends and I meet the dark cloaked figure and I'm now here, just trying to get out. She told me the only way to escape is to go back the way I came. I informed her that the massive wooden doors closed behind me and they will not open. So now I'm trying to find another way out of this nightmarish place.

“I went down just about every path in this forest except one.” I said as I pointed towards the way I came. When I had turned around back toward her, she had disappeared. “Hey little girl?” I called out for her, but there was no answer. So I left the area and headed back to the junction. I had gone down all the paths, including the one I original came from. So I only had one path left.

I walked down the final path, afraid of what I might find. As I went farther and farther down path, I noticed that there was a light in the distance. I began to walk faster toward the light for some reason and came out from it into a huge wheat field. I turned around and the forest stood behind me. What was puzzling was the forest seemed to be bigger inside then it was on the outside. I let a sigh of relief, figuring I was out of that strange place and realized I needed to continue my walk home. As I looked around I realized I didn't know where I was, that the surroundings were different. The forest which I had just came out of was complete surrounded by these wheat fields. I wasn't home after all, I had stumbled into a strange new world, behind the gate. I looked into the clear blue sky and the sun was shining high in the sky, and there was two moons, one small one and one large one. So I began to walk across the wheat field to see if I could find help or find someone with a phone to call for help.

Going across what appeared to be harvest wheat field I finally arrived at what appeared to be a dead end country road. On one side of the road surrounded by grove of oak trees was a small shack made of cinder blocks and a tin roof. I figured I would go and see if anyone lived there, and if so if they could either give me directions or let me use their phone.

I went into the shack and noticed the shack was a mess, with stuff strung everywhere. The walls had graffiti written all over them, in some strange angelic language. I began to poke around going room to room, to see if I could find out any information about where I was, or if there was a phone.

About that time a group of kids, no older then me entered into the shack. There were boys and girls ranging from different age and size The seemed to wear strange clothing, mostly white and each one had a numerical tattoo on their body. One of the boys asked me what I was doing in their “club house” and I told them my story about how I came through a massive doorway on my way home. They informed me that the door I had gone through was called The Gates of Dawn. The gate was a doorway to the dimension I was now in. I then told them about what I had saw in the forest. They told me that the valley with the spikes with people impaled on them, were their friends who tried to escape this dimension into my dimension, but an evil being known as Zero has keep them from entering into my world. I told them also of the girl that I had meet with blond hair and brown eyes. They informed me that the girl I had described was in fact, Zero herself.

The girl who has trapped them into this dimension, and will not let them leave. I asked who they were, they told me that they were called The Unbound and that they have been trapped in this dimension for eons. I then asked them about the numerical tattoo they each had on their bodies. They told me that the lower the number was the more powerful they were. This of course made Zero extremely powerful. They then told me to stay away from Zero, that she was nothing but bad news. Others in the group claimed that she would do terrible things to me if she saw him again. They then asked me if I want to join them, and I said no, that I want to find my way back home. Then then asked me if I wanted to live out my every desire. I asked them what?

"Sure" said Number Eight. "We can make it so you can have every wish and desire you want."

"How? I asked puzzled by their claim.

"It real simple, See Mr. Barkley here" said Number Eight as he picked up a strange circular metal container. "He's now fulfilling his every desire." Said Eight, as he put the metal container on the table. "All we do is remove your brain and put them in this little device."

"What!!, You are crazy" I said shocked

"No, we gave him what he wanted. Mr. Barkley here before he asked for this, was a pedophile who molested and killed little girls and boys. Mr. Barkley came to us, before he was about to get caught and we granted his wish. Now he can do it all the time, and not worry about being caught. because it is all in his mind. We satisfied everyone, the police doesn't have to see him on the street or lock him up in jail, and he gets to rape and molest children in his little container here" said Eight as he patted the container "We see it as a win-win for your species. Said Number Six

"Species, so what you're not human" I asked

They all burst out laughing "Oh no we come from a much higher dimension, your species in our eyes are primitive. We make look like children, but we are actually eons in age. We can regenerate so we can never really die." said Number Four

"So you have ever given anyone the ability to live forever?" I asked

"Yes there was one old man a long time ago, who didn't want to lose his fortune" Said Number Two

"So what happened to him?" I asked

"He regenerate once, after that....well..." said Number One

"What?" I asked

"We don't like to talk about, he was a total failure" Said Number One "He wanted the immortality, but didn't want to be one of us."

"Oh" I replied

"Do you want to be one of us?" Asked Number Three

"Um, not right now, I just want to get back home" I told them

"Very well, Said Number One

They told me there was a way home, but they themselves couldn't tell me where it was. They told me good luck and we said our goodbyes and I began my walk down the country road to find my way home.

Keeping what the Unbound had told me about Zero, I continued down the country road, until I came across a large yellow farmhouse. The yellow farmhouse was surround by a white picket fences and flowers in a small garden, lined the walkway. In the front yard was a big oak tree which had attached to it a swing. In the swing was a ten year girl who gently swung back and forth. As I got closer she jumped off the swing and greeted me. She had long brown curly hair, brown eyes and a cute smile. She was a little smaller in height to me and was very thinner. She wore a bright yellow summer frock which blew gently in the wind. I stood there and talked to her, she told me her name was Sam. She then asked me where I as going and I told her I was trying to find my way home. About that time Sam mother, a beautiful women, with long dark hair and dark eyes emerged from the doorway. She then began talking to me and I learned that her name was Sara and that the their house was located on the outskirts of the small town of Penryn I had never heard of Penryn and knew then what I had expected before, that I was no longer in my world. Sara then invited me to eat dinner with them, I agreed to have dinner with them.....

“OK” I said with a straight face. “Let me get this straight” I asked him as I put my tea cup down and got up out of the green arm chair and walked around.

“You walked through some gate to some other dimension, you meet a girl name Zero and a group called the Unbend”

“Unbound” he said correcting me.

“OK, Unbound, and now your going to have dinner with people you never knew before.” I said.

“Yes” said Lloyd as he grabbed his cup of tea.

“And somehow, through it all you arrived here”

“Well I haven’t that far yet” he told me

I looked at Lloyd for a bit, thinking, this boy apparently read too many comic books or listening to many radio dramas.

So I sat back down in the green arm chair and grabbed my cup of tea “Do continue”

Well, we had just finished dinner, where I meet Sam whole family. Sara, Sam's mother had two twin babies, Sam also had two eight year old cousins Becky and Mary. Along with their mother Sam's Aunt, Julie, Sam's older sister Hay, her father Mike, and little brother Peter. By the time we had finished dinner it was getting dark, and get late to continue on my journey. So they offered me to stay the night. I decide to stay the night, with hopes of leave early in the morning to try to find my way home. Sara, Sam's mom lead to a room near the end of the hallway . “Here” she said “you can sleep in here tonight” She told me as she opened the door to a small room with a dresser in it and a brass frame bed. On the other side of the little room was a window that was open to let warm summer breeze in. “Thank you very much” I said as I closed the door. I put my knapsack on the floor and I fell onto the bed, which was a little on the hard side, and slowly drifted off to sleep. It was around I AM when I was awoken by a strange sound, coming from the nearby room. I open the door and quietly sneaked down the hallway, till a come to a door slightly cracked opened.

I peered into the room and noticed the family in the room….doing stuff.

“What what do you meaning doing stuff?” I asked him

“You know...stuff” He said “You know, stuff adults do in the privacy of the bedroom”

“OH!” I said, knowing what he was talking about. “What’s wrong with that?” I asked

“They were all doing it” He told me

My face went into shock to hear this what was a bizarre story, that this had become somewhat a sick little fantasy of his

“So then what happen” I asked him

I heard Sam mumbling something about me, and I deiced to sneak back to the room and get out of there. I didn’t want to have to anything to do with what was going on. I went back to my room and climbed out the window, jumping to the ground I ran off into the darkness. I could my name being heard as all the lights of the farm house lit up and I ran faster and faster down the country road. I ran down the dark empty country road for what seemed to be pretty far, after awhile I stopped to catch my breath. The night was foggy and as I stood under a street light, which flickered like a bug zapper and I noticed a figure coming out of the darkness and I thought great, someone from that sick family must of followed me. As they got closer I noticed they looked familiar. It was Zero, herself coming out of the darkness. My heart began to pound for I didn't know what this person was going to do to me.

Zero walked into the glowing realm of the street light and looked at me. Her dark reddish eyes seemed to peer deep within the confines of my soul.

"There are those in this world who have let their passions and desires overwhelm them to the point that nothing is no longer a taboo, or a sin. It consumes them, to the point that to them it is a natural way of life." said Zero as she slowly made her way towards me.

I told Zero what I had saw within that house.

“That family and the people of the town of Penryn had lost it way, to their carnal desire for lust, which has no limits, no bounds to the point that anything and everything is not taboo” Said Zero

All of the sudden a flash of light appeared in the sky behind me and a wave of warm air filled the air.

"What was that?" I asked her "That was Penryn and that farmhouse you were at" She said "They lost their way, and I destroyed them" she said I was in shock for what she had said, and to some degree didn't really believe her.

"are you crazy?" I asked her.

"No, I am omnipotent" She said

She began to walk around me like a lion circling it prey "you see you are no longer in your world, for you are beyond the wall of sleep" She said.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“For you see in this world, what would be not normal in yours in normal here” Said Zero

“Oh” I said

“That is why I told you to leave this world and go back to yours.” she said

I decide to ask Zero who she was or what she was.

"I am Zero of the Unbound, I am neither male or female, in fact what you see before you isn't my true form." She said

"So" I asked "what is your true form?"

"Only the oldest stars in the universe know what I truly look like." She replied

With nothing more said We began to walk down the road in the darkness. I would gaze over toward Zero, puzzled but what she said. Traveling farther down the road the light from the sun glazed over the horizon as morning slowly approached. We continued to walk not saying a word. As the sun finally broke the horizon I looked over toward Zero and she was gone.

“OK, Let me get this straight again, you went through some Gate to another dimension, you meet this girl who calls herself Zero, along with this group called the Unbound. You visited a farmhouse on the outskirts of a town, where the family were engaged in all sorts of depraved form of sexually activity and ran away to continued on this so-called trip.” I asked Lloyd as I poured me some more tea

“Yes” said Lloyd as he stuffed a cookie in his mouth.

“These seems somewhat a far fetch story” I said

“Oh, but there is more” Said Lloyd as lifted his glass up for some more tea.

“Then do continue” I said....

I continued on down the road, on what seemed to be miles and I looked up and noticed the sun was already reaching high noon. My stomach began growling as I slowly moved onward and I finally came to another small town called Ashton.

Getting closer to town, I noticed the sign that read “City of Ashton Population 600 people – A Great Place to Live” I noticed that the town seemed to be some kind of festival, high above the street was banners which said “50th Annual Summer festival” as I noticed there were a number of booths lining the roads. Booths from games to food, which was good for me, because I was hungry.

Traveling down the road I came to, what appeared to be a pulchritudinous little café sitting on the crossroads of Maple and Vine Street. I walked into the café as the aroma of fine foods permeated the room. A young women in her mid-twenties greeted me at the door and directed me to my seat. I sat in a booth next to a window and as I peered out at the people walking by, I realized something, I didn't have any money on me. Even if I did, would they take it.

The waitress can back and put a glass of water down on the table, and asked me if I need a menu, or was I ready to order. That when I told her that I was only wanting some water. She walked away and went to these guys standing in the corner and she and them began looking my way. About that time the couple sitting at the table across from got their food. On the man's plate looked like a human arm, and women on her plate look like a human head, with top of the skull cracked open, exposing the brain in side. Filling sick, I got out of the booth and left the café and headed back out of the town. I was also worried at the time, what the waitress and those men were talking about, and why were they looking at me.

Headed down the country road I noticed a small group of men, following far behind me. I looked back and noticed it was some from the café and a few that I hadn't seen before. Afraid that they were following me I turned into the woods. When I reached forest, I then began taking off running as fast as I could, not looking back. I feared of what those men wanted, perhaps I was to be on the dinner plate.

I ran and ran as fast as I could jumping over falling logs, smashing through thorn bushes until I came to a pond, with a boat sitting on the shore. On the other side of the pond was a cave, which seemed only accessible by this boat. I can hear the men talking and they were heading my way So I jumped into the boat and headed toward the cave, wondering what was going to happen next. I looked back and noticed the man on the beach as my boat slowly began speeding up as headed into the dark cave.

“Wow, this was a very interesting story” I told him as I put cup down onto the table” “Maybe we can continue this little story on Monday” I told him As I stood up and began walking toward the foyer.

“It's not a fantasy, it did happen,” he told me “and there is more”

“More?” I asked

“Yeah a lot more, my tale is far from over” he said So I made my way back to my seat and got ready for the rest of this far-fetched tale.

“Hey you know what, before you start up again, why don't we take a little break and have a snack” I asked him

He nodded and I got up and he followed me into the kitchen for a snack. I was still puzzled or even shocked by his strange, weird tale.

Copyright (c) Lloyd Davies 2005

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