Hillarious posts randomly making fun of Keivsky from VNNF

March 7, 2018 at 8:32 am

I don’t think anyone personifies the typical WN1 loser and mental defective more than the great Kievsky. The guy is certifiable. He can’t hold down a job, and moreover he does not want to work. He lives off his mother and his Russian wife who is a lawyer. Kievsky the entrepreneur? Well, he has lots of hairball schemes he claimed were goung to make him rich. For instance, for a time he was trying to get Marc Moran (the NJ payday loan/check cashing king with a Jewish wife and father in law) to pay for him to become a mortician and make millions from a predicted bird flu epidemic. He would also talk about his day dreams of “peak oil” in which he fancied himself a feudal lord that was worshipped for his gardening skills, ability to speak Russian and play the fiddle. In essence, he is the WN1 Walter Mitty. He comes online to be someone important, when in fact he is one of the most pathetic cucks imaginable.

March 7, 2018 at 2:32 pm

Gee Rob, so great to hear from you again. Mindweapon?Sounds awesome! As I recall, you declared yourself to be prophet, literally. I also recall one of your prophecies was that by now “Peak Oil” would have hit and you would be a feudal lord, buying up McMansions with your Turnip and Potato empire. Men would follow you because of your prowess with the fiddle and the Turnip, beautiful maidens would be at the foot of your throne begging for your seed. It’s why I started reffering to you as “Lord Kievsky”.

Hey, can you recount the time you and you and your Knights had a run in with the law over the bunny massacre? Remember how you and the other genuises got drunk and could not figure out how to kill the rabbitts you raised for food? So you trapped them in a pen and tried to shoot them with a bow and arrow and then one if your “soldiers” almost shot one of the other of your gallant followers? Then, you, being the bright one just started sawing the bunnies head’s off with a dull kitchen knife alive instead of killing them humanely with a quick blow to the head.

God, those were great times and I so miss stories like the bunny massacre. Maybe Hunter can make you a feature writer. It would be a shame for you not to share your very gallant and interesting life. Plus, it’s always good to have a real life prophet to predict the future.

Please continue oh Lord Kievsky.

March 7, 2018 at 10:42 pm

Marc Moran where are you? You need to make a comeback, after all you practically won the Revolutionary War by yourself. I’m sure Schmuley Rosensteinowitz won’t mind financing your return. Maybe you can bring back Bill White and get some ShopWhite action going. Schmuley your Daddy in law has deep pickets.

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