Porn story starring Scarlett Pomers as 17-22 year old Kyra Hart from reba tv series. This is what went down.......

Kyra Hart was sitting in her car on north main street up in rockford illinois when a couple of boys walked by the car&swore at her. So when Kyra opened her car door a pickup truck sped breaking off her car door while running down the boys killing them underneath. Then the man of the pickup truck came out punching Kyra in her stomach, kneeing her then the man swung his fist on the side of Kyras head knocking her on the ground. The man was yelling "WHAT THE HELL MAN WHY DID YOU BREAK MY CAR FUCKING BITCH!!!??, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!" while he beat her like that. After that the man went back in his vehical&drove away. After that Kyra got up&walked into the Skateco arena by the road across the lot to lounge, but another boy came up to her to beg her for money so he could join the party with his camp group in there, then Kyra told him that she cant help him but the boy insisted while calling her a bitch. Then Kyra got mad&punched the boy in the stomach. Then she karate kicked him in his belly, his chest&his face 3 times sending him flying onto a pool table shattering the lamps&killing him. After that Kyra walked out into the back of the building onto a field to watch the train pass by. After the loud errie train noise the boys friend was running up, yelling then knocked Kyra on the grass, he tore her pants right off along with her sandles, so she was stripped half naked. Then she got on top of the boys with her legs around his head while he stood up. Kyra was knocking her cock in the boys head while another girl Kyras age stand to watch. Kyra&the boy both fell down while she was knocking her cock on the boys head, After that she pulled the boys head back wgile she shoved her cock into his nose while the boy yelled "MURPHY MURPHET MURPHY MURPHET" numberous times. Then the boy yelled "MUURPHEET!!!" while Kyra ejaculated&pissed into his nose&all over his head. The boy died after that, the girl gave Kyra a piggy back ride down the path all the way to her house at the dead end path. Kyra&the girl met up with friends over there. Kyra sat down while the girl sat on the ground in front of her so she could put her head back with her hair spreaded out on Kyras balls&cock. Kyras cock snubbed on her nose for some minutes. After that a black girl wanted to sit down by Kyras front because her balls&cock were snubbed in her blond hair long enough. so the white blond girl asked Kyra to do the black girls hair. So she tied her hair in a pigtail ball then started to ejaculate in her hair&piss in her hair all over her head&face. several minutes later the Kyras friend&herself started walkind back down the path across the parking lots into the nickleworld arcade still barefoot&half naked. In the nickleworld arcade there was a betting table where some men were karate chopping ice slabs similar to karate kid 2 movie. Kyra, her friend were talking with other men there&they told her "break 1 slab win 1 grand, $1,000 dollars" so Kyra told the big boss man making the ice&placeing them that she would break 3 ice slabs winning 3 grands which was $3,000 dollars. The big boss man was a humanoid klingon head alien human, just a enormous head with arms&legs similar to r2d2 from star wars but his head was klingon shaped like from startrek&he was a very dark brown creature. His assistances were Roger Wiseman&lloyd Davies. So when Kyra karate chopped the 3 ice slabs she asked for 3 grands from Roger&Lloyd. Then they told her "not even $300 dollars you win nor 3 bucks" the klingon headed man threw 3 pennies at Kyra telling her "for you only 3 cents, too bad real tough luck kid, now get the fuck outta here". Then Kyra got man, she started kicking him nouberous time knocking him into a video game machine smashing it while he chanted "la la la la la la" so on. Then Kyra punched Roger in his belly then karate kicked him 3 times same as that bot sending him flying into another video game machine smashing it to. After that she whipped a beer bottle into Lloyds gut slashing his belly with blood while the glass broke. Then she kicked him numberous times crahing him into a stuffed toy machine shattering the glass. After that Kyra whipped another beer bottle into Lloyds big bald head slahing his scalp with blood while the bottle glass broke to. When she was done the klingon man came running from behind to grab Kyras legs so she could sit on his big ass head knocking her cock on his head while he chanted "la la la la la la la" then Roger grabbed Kyra by the waist while the klingon went to do the same to her girlfriend, after that Roger shoved Kyra onto her girlfriends head with her legs around while she was knocking her cock in her hair, Then Roger pulled the girls head up so Kyras cock could snub into her nose. Meanwhile Kyras cock was snubbed into her friends nose other people started to come up to talk pictures&film Kyras cock snubbed onto her friends nose, then she started to ejaculate alot&piss alot into her nose while they took pictures&filmed with their ipods to post on youtube&play on their mp3 players. After several minutes the klingon man run up to the ice slab table breaking it down knocking Kyra over onto the slanted table with her legs hanging up&over. Then he dropped Kyras friend on her like that with her face down on her balls&cock. her chin snubbed on her cock while her nose snubbed on her balls. After that everybody started leaving the premises with Kyra&her friend laying down like that. While the girl laid face down with her chin on Kyras cock&her nose snubbed on her balls, Kyra started ejaculating alot&pissing alot all over the girl like that including herself like that to&when she was done she passed out&died after losing so much consciousness.

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