Re: You guys make me want to puke. You all think you're just SOO macho and masculine because you PRETEND you're not turned on by David Hogg when the truth is, you ALL want to ASSFUCK David Hogg EVERY BIT AS MUCH AS I WANT TO ASSFUCK HOGG because he's so FUCKING HOT!! The difference between me and all of you is that I'm comfortable enough in my manhood that I'm not afraid to admit just how much I want to bend Davie over and drive him home, whereas all of you are TOO FUCKING INSECURE to admit the same thing. The reason? YOU guys probably REALLY ARE GAY and I"M NOT!! How ironic! You accuse ME of being gay when it's all of YOU who are GAY!! HAHAHA!! What a fucking bad joke!! Hogg is a hottie and you ALL KNOW it but won't admit it!! PISS OFF, ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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