Well, to make up for it, I pwnd David Duke's frequent guest, Dr. Patrick Slattery on his own RBN talk show, National Bugle Radio today by calling in and commiserating with Slattery over the harsh treatment of white people by the government. Like Duke, Slattery's another dimwitted racist who has absolutely NO IDEA that I'm great friends with Hal Turner so the joke's on Slattery and on every other RBN host when I call in and pretend to care about White Nationalists. For this reason I again request that you DO NOT TELL ANYBODY AT RBN ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH HAL!! I call in at Hal's behest because Hal is gathering as much information as he can about RBN (for reasons I'm not allowed to reveal), so once again PLEASE DO NOT TIP ANYBODY AT RBN OFF!! *NM*

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