When you stop making references to your favorite TV show, The Simpsons, when you stop acting as though republicunts are better than demoncraps, when you stop making the ludicrous claim that the "establishment" of which Rush Limbaugh is a part, is trying to silence Rush Limbaugh with "Hush Rush Laws", when you stop embracing mental defectives and other rejects such as bull dykes and communists as your "national spokesman" while simultaneously berating Whites who are hesitant to follow you as having "character" defects, when you stop acting as though only the "secret police" (FBI) oppresses White people but miraculously, the ADL trained local cops are somehow "good guys only trying to do their jobs" who also "protect" WNs at rallies, then MAYBE people might begin to take you seriously enough to join you in the Pacific Northwest. *NM*

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