The Speaker of the House, in congress, wants to gut social security and Medicare. The agenda is right out of Ayn Rand’s playbook. The concept is the Elite are the wealthy and successful people.they are much more important than day to day, ordinary workers. If you aren’t contributing, you need to die because the state is not responsible for your welfare. It’s better if you die and make way for the superior class. The ruling class. Paul Ryan claims to care about poor people. During a speech at a conservative conference, he said Democrats support school lunch programs so children can have “full bellies and empty souls.” Disgusting. How can anyone talk about poor children in such a callous way? I understand that Ryan and his fellow conservatives believe that the state should not provide a safety net. While I disagree with that belief, it is not the same thing as claiming that state programs empty our souls. The last time I checked good Pope Francis was teaching Jesus’ me *NM*

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