The definition of a “Useful Idiot” was coined by Joseph Stalin. It describes and individual, in a position, advantageous to your goals. He must be of low intelligence and susceptible to flattery and manipulation.These individuals can be discarded or discredited after they have served their purpose . Russia has created a science of this form of this method of machinations. The same thing happens in countries, other than ours.. Threats from abroad are usually obvious. Threats from within aren’t. Trump has never absorbed this lesson.Changing the narrative by social manipulations. Once Putin realized Trump wanted to build a Trump tower in Moscow and fit the requirements,he dispatched his minions (Oligarchs and operatives) He moved to make him his “bitch”. Manipulating him into being the flunky was simple. Teaching him to obey orders was easy. Armed with the pee tape, he owns Trump, body and soul. Shouting hatred and bigotry has drawn the worst in America.

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