N9OGL draws picture of 10 year old girl, and considers her his girlfriend. SICK BASTARD NEES TO BE PUT INTO A PSYCHO WARD

By Todd Daugherty, aka N9OGL

My girlfriend in the game 3d Custom Girl Evolution
Been playing the game 3d Custom Girl Evolution by a company in Japan called Bullet. Pretty fun game, only wish you could add NPC to the game :( I mean they could have an awesome game if they wanted, but apparently they don't listen to the players or fans). A ten year old girl I created.

Anyway below is some pictures of my girlfriend in the game

Working on a Hentai video game
I'm currently been busy working on a 3d hentai video game. (hentai means pervert or perverted in Japanese) I'm currently looking for modelers that's what seems to be holding the project up. modelers must have some skill in either Maya, Blender or any other 3d software, but I'm mainly using Maya. programmers in java-script are also be sought out to help with the programming, this is going to be a BIG game and I need all the help programming I can get. I know java-script, but one person really can't do it all.
Below is a copy of what the game is going to be about.

Title : unknown


1. Introduction

After playing a number of hentai/ecchi games from various companies from Japan. My idea is to take various aspects of those games and make a multi-player online ecchi/hentai dating sim game. The player would be allowed to create his dream girlfriend through a character maker and after all aspects of his dream girl are created they log in the game. In the game, he must build a relationship, which eventually would lead to H scenes (hentai or sex scene).
The game would be an open environment allowing the player avatar to move to various parts of town. The player would be allow to take his girlfriend to various parts of town on a “Date” thus raising their relationship level bar up or down depending on the outcome. There would be no age restriction on the characters.

2. Multi-player Aspects

The game would be multi-player meaning other players can come into the world and interact with the other NPC. Depending on the NPC relationship bar with their player that created them, another player could and can steal other players NPC girlfriend. To do this the other player must build a better relationship with the other player girlfriend and in do so the relationship bar from the girls original boyfriend will drop. The player stealing the girlfriend would have to continue to build a relationship up to the point that the girl forgets about the original player. This is also allow players to also build up small harems

3. Ecchi/Hentai

Upon reaching a maximum relationship the player would then enter into a H scene or hentai scene (SEX SCENE for you westerners) , in which the player will be allowed to have intercourse with his girlfriend. Upon reaching the climax of sex to outcomes will occur the H bar will will rise (the h bar is the extension of the relationship bar) or go down depending on how good it was. This will also affect the lower part of the bar (the relationship bar) the second thing that will occur is depending if protection is used. An NPC girlfriend can and will (depending on the randomizing variable) girlfriend can get pregnant. I know there is a lot of people asking on various boards about mods for pregnancy in different hentai games, well this will allow your girlfriend to get pregnant. The cycle of pregnancy will also effect the relationship bar

Character Creation

players before playing the game will create their idea girlfriend. in the character maker the player would have various options including body type, skin tone, head size, breast size, breast firmness (this will not work on no breast girls) nipple color, nipple size, waist, pubic hair (no/yes) pubic hair color, eye brow, eyebrow color, eye color, hair type (front, back, extensions) hair color, glasses (yes/no) glasses color (if checked yes) name (last, first), personality, sex experience (virgin yes/no) Sexual preference (straight/homo/bisexual) (NOTE: NPC can also socialize with other NPC and if homosexual or bisexual can have relationships with other NPC girlfriends on NPC in town), voice, secret thoughts, what they look for in a partner. NOTE: players will have to build a relationship with the NPC before the sexual activity will be possible.