This is untenable. Every president winds up embroiled in some form of scandal, maybe even several. But the sheer volume of controversies the cracks in the veneer of the White House team. Rats leaving a sinking ship . There seems to be a mass exodus from the Republican Party in Congress. Distancing yourself from Trump and the Weasel Squad seems to be trending and gaining momentum. Corruption consuming the Trump White House is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Some may be false, some may be exaggerated, some may be legitimate. But their very existence points to a president whose past should have disqualified him from office and whose temperament consistently leads him to trouble. His form of Government, mirrors the rise of Mussolini in Italy , Hitler was a role model.But! Mussolini lacked the leadership personality to pull it off.. Trump is his own worst enemy, and lacks the leadership skills as well. We know that Mussolini came to a bad. End, at the hands of his own supporters. The *NM*

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