I haven't seen so many right wingers on MSNBC since the summer of 2016. Something is up for November, and it aint driven by the left. Six corporations, they say. As long as TV "journalism" is required to be a profit center by the corporate types, as it is now, this bullshit will only get worse. It may not be totalitarian, but it is Orwellian the way they use the language regarding factual information. They use whataboutism, and the blurring of the line between opinion and fact, to keep you confused. That's Republican boilerplate for 40 years now. They don't tell the truth and they don't argue for their goals. They sell a plan like it was twinkies and exploit the psychology of mutton-headed Consumer/Voters who couldn't figure out reality in the macro sense if they were cats and you were leading them to it with a laser pointer.. *NM*