Nunes a Californian farmer who is the son of generations of fruit ashamed of his Latino heritage and is really convinced he is an Anglo/Saxon ultra-conservative white man who is also part of the white supremacist alt-right. This DNA racial heritage chaos and confusion deeply affects his bizarre loyalty to both the brazen and blustery, impulsive, functionally-illiterate Trumpenstein beast and much of the Republican Party who privately resent Hispanics...though politically tolerant of Senators Cruz and Rubio because of their vote on conservative issues, who are also Trumpenstein lap-dogs conveniently forgetting for their own comfort zone and survival, how badly they were mistreated by Trumpenstein during the 2016 Presidential campaign who made it clear in no uncertain terms how much he hates all forms of Hispanics no matter what status or power they hold. Trumpenstein's base who voted for him and still strongly support him including the mostly.Anglo-white NRA militias and e *NM*