A Ghastly Pale Porker

Behold he shall ride upon a hard dick and his name shall be Lloyd
Austin Davies.

And it came to pass that the king of knob jobs in Alabama, (as Lloyd is
known) was gone for a long time, and some of the people celebrated and
some speculated that he had died, some speculated that he was ill, some
speculated that he was in Maryland at Ray Chason's apartment, and some
even thought that the king of knob jobs in Alabama had been made a sex
slave by Ray Chason and his butt buddies. It was then the people
started to rejoice.

And when the niggers and crackheads heard the murmuring and rumours of
the people they assured them that the king of knob jobs in Alabama was
just busy sucking on one of his nigger neighbors big black dick and
would address the people as soon as he could swallow that big load if
nigger jizz. The neighbors in his hud apartment complex also knew that
the project was the sucking of nigger dicks and telling lies and more
lies, but they did not tell the people this for they did not desire to
have a vice squad nightmare in the city of Deliverance Extras. Alabama
liked to hear about the fat retarded one who proclaimed he was the king
of knob jobs in Alabama.

And the niggers and crackheads reassured the people that everything was
all right, and told them to prepare pyres and to cook meat, and to ice
down beer and nehi soda, and to go out and buy potato chips and other
unhealthy snacks from the traders who had immigrated to the kingdom
from vietnam and the land of gaza. and so the went down to these little
stores owned and bought these things. and they went home and warmed up
their tv's, for the sabbath approached and the sabbath would bring more
action from the mediocre football team at u of alabama, and the sabbath
would bring plenty of exciting nob gobbling action and goo gobbling
from the king of knob jobs in Alabama.

The king of knob jobs in Alabama in reality is a ghastly pale porker
who stands only 5'6" and weighs an unhealthy 325 Lbs. His skin is as
white as copying paper due to his night job of delivering pizzas to the
ghetto neighborhood where he dwells in a filthy, roach infested hud
hovel. He doesn't venture outside during the daylight hours, instead
preferring to play with star trek and dalek dolls, post lies and filth
on the internet and jack off and dream of finally actually getting some
pussy. Not stick pussy which his homosexual lover Steve Holsten feeds
him several times a year when Lloyd goes for his visits, usually around

Lately, the king of knob jobs in Alabama has been consumed with posting
pistures of someone he says is Roger Wiseman. In fact, the obviously
botched purple rendering of somebody else has been cut and pasted,
photoshopped and distributed all over the internet by the king of knob
jobs in Alabama and his homosexual fantasy lover Ray Chason who is the
king of knob jobs in Maryland. Chason who is also a porker has set up a
blog of Roger's ex-wife "Regina" telling even more lies. Roger was
never married to anyone named Regina. Of course Chason and Lloyd refuse
to let truth get in the way of their lies, like their butt buddy
friends who post lies, lies and more lies about anybody who reveals the
truth about this band of homosexual predators.

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