Will the Republicans turn a blind eye to anything Mueller reveals , at the conclusion of the investigation.The indications are that, that would be the case. The lack of integrity among the house and senate members is appalling. In Nixon’s time , senators and congressmen were more responsible and more bipartisan than they are now. Party over country is the attitude today. In the Supreme Court decision concerning Citizens united. A sea change occurred and as the money flowed in courage and and decently flowed out. - [ ] This changed politic forever - [ ] For decades, scholars have debated the question of whether the Constitution allows a sitting president to be indicted and tried while in office — and whether it would be prudent to do so. Two decades ago, independent counsel Kenneth Starr confronted these questions while investigating President Bill Clinton and answered yes to the first, but no to the second. We don’t know what special counsel Robert S. Mueller III thinks of the *NM*

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