Republicans Ripped Us Off Bigly in the Tax Scam Bill. They Ripped Us Off Bigly on Health Insurance. They’re Ripping Us Off Bigly on Net Neutrality. Now they’re Ripping Us Off Bigly on Prescription Drug Prices. “Donald Trump ran for president as an economic populist. This fact has been largely forgotten, buried by the flurry of bizarre and outrageous actions, and activists on both sides have had little reason to bring it up. Conservatives have pushed the administration to forget its unorthodox gestures and follow Paul Ryan’s lead. Progressives have emphasized the racist and sexist nature of Trump’s appeal. But Trump’s ability to distance himself from his party’s economic brand formed a decisive element of his appeal. Voters actually saw Trump as more moderate than any Republican presidential candidate since 1972. And he has violated every one of his promises.“ *NM*