It's because he was born 9 weeks early. N9OGL was a preemie. It also is why he has such a thin bone structure, short height. He weighs over 200 pounds but has real thin arms and a very small chest along with lung problems. I almost feel sorry for the Toad now that him being a preemie has emerged (both his sister and cousin have mentioned it).

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old son with extensive tooth decay. I took him to the dentist yesterday who told me he would have to see a pediatric periodontist to fix his teeth. The dentist said he has molars that he shouldn't even have yet, as well as other teeth he shouldn't have. He also said that alot of premies, which my son was (almost 7 weeks early) have this problem because their bodies are so busy trying to funnel calcium to their bones and other places that they don't send enough calcium to their teeth. We brush religiously and I have flossed my children's teeth since they were very small. My 5 year old has beautiful teeth, and the dentist said over and over that this is not my fault, some of it may be diet, but it's mainly a malfunction in his body. He will need the molars filed down and capped, and some of the other teeth will need to be filled untill he begins losing them around 6, but he has teeth that he needs to have untill he is 11 or 12 and all of those need capped. Has any other mom had this problem with their little one's, and if so what should I expect when I take him in for the repair work? I've never needed this kind of thing myself so I'm a little nervous!

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