On Friday, June 29, 2018, immediately following the commencement of the 99 minutes of darkness the Hate and Flame and NimBusters forums will undergo to honour Bob Filus on the one year anniversary of his passing, a brand new, one hour documentary, "Bob Filus: The Fame of a Fat Man's Deeds" will make its world wide premiere on YouTube, via the NimBusters channel. It will contain interviews with people who knew Bob Filus and whose lives were affected by Bob Filus, including the great radio comedian, Phil Hendrie, who created his "R.C. Collins" character based on the mannerisms of Bob Filus, and Bob Filus' personal street supplier who constantly replenished Bob Filus' stash of crack and crystal meth. Mickey TTT, along with the forum's very own Pootie, collaborated for over six months in producing this meticulously researched, loving docu-tribute to one of the greatest NimBusters ever: Bob Filus. Bob Filus was truly a fat man. The docu-tribute will tell you why, if you don't already know. *NM*

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