There's a lesson to be learned here. Trump gives the kikenvermin what they want: he backpedaled on his campaign promise to build a wall or to do anything at all about immigration (he let those "caravans" of shitskins in with NO resistance whatsoever), he "forgot" about auditing, much less eliminating the jew-Federal Reserve, he recognizes Jerusalem at the capital of That Shitty Little Cuntry In The Middle East®, he appoints scumbag neo-cohns like Fruity Rudy Jewliani and Larry Kudlow to high gubmit positions, he allows AG Sessions to ab(use) asset forfeiture (legalized theft) for people only *suspected* of drug crimes (no trial necessary), bombs Syria after chemical false flag, etc., intends to wage war against all of Isn't-rael's other enemies worldwide and STILL the criminally insane race of demons hate his guts. There's no way to ever make nice with them once you challenge them even a little bit. Like they say, the answer to 1984 isn't 2016: the answer to 1984 is 1933! SIEG HEIL!!! *NM*

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