A perfect description of the genetically defective Porky Davies.....

The mentally unstable, ghastly pale, genetically defective porker, who
thinks he controls an army of trash can robots, and fancies he is the
king of knob jobs in Athens, Alabama. (The home of Deliverance extras.)

There are no Daleks under your command 'tard boy. They are fictional
robots used in a television show! You need to get mental help again
failure boy.

You have been a failure in everything you have ever done, PERIOD!

You are indeed "pale" you never venture forth outside except for your
minimum wage "job," and to buy more of that pussy Bud Lite beer. A real
man's beer like Guinness or Newcastle Ale would probably kill a big fat
pussy like yourself.

You need to seriously take a long hard look at yourself in a properly
lit mirror in that roach infested hovel you call home and then take
action. Call Orkin and get that filthy place fumigated, lose weight,
get mental help, stay off the computer for hours on end and face

You are 44 years of age, you are unemployed, live with your parents. You play with dolls, spew
your filth and delusions on here, while you jack off and get
drunk. Nobody, I repeat, nobody except for a couple of geeks like
yourself can stand you.

The best thing you could do is to slit your wrists while in that shitty
vehicle of yours this summer, then if the police didn't find you right
away, the summer heat would do it without you having to be
cremated. You are a blathering asshole that is a boil in the crack of
America's ass. You irritate us, end it now Porky, do it! Summer is
almost upon you, use Mother Nature to help.

You need to either kill yourself or get help, that's it, do it!

And, to the idiots who think they are helping Lloyd, forget it, he is
beyond help, except for the lobotomy kind.

Most have never seen this misfit of nature up close. I have and it
makes me sick to my stomach.

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