Lloyd A. Davies The "Original" Tub O'Lard...

This is a website dedicated to exposing a net retard, Lloyd Austin (really ASSHOLE) Davies, amateur radio callsign N0VFP, who resides in Athens, AL, home of the "Deliverance" Extras. Davies is an imbecile and frequently posts his utterly useless and uninformed opinion regardless of the subject in,,, and USENET newsgroups and the NIM busters message boards. He did post at a Christian message board, until recently when somebody posted a few of his anti-Semitic and racist remarks, exposing this Christian fraud for what he really is, a moronic hypocrite who uses religion when it suits him. He also used to post at, but they caught on to what he was all about and banned him. The text is in homosexual Lloyd's favorite color...Lavender.

Here is his wonder he is seen by everybody as a LOSER....he is 44 years old and still a virgin. He seems to be holding his fat ass because he shit himself again and check out his filthy shorts that he apparently pissed himself in previously. The picture was taken at a Christian retreat that he attended, but why in the hell would he wear such filthy clothes out in public? Answer: He is a mentally ill retard! Let's review this retard's acomplishments: Grow up, try college, drop/flunk out, deliver pizzas, buy a computer, flame any and all message boards, Usenet, etc. Get my ass kicked by Roger, run off to Nim Busters board.......Find a homo buddy in Steve Holsten.........Get my ass kicked day after day with no end in sight.....Pretend I am a time traveler and command an army of trash can robots.....Try to pretend I have a talk show on the internet, talk in a high pitched voice and say that it is a dalek.....Make more threats, "I will Law You," etc........Open the door when Oris came by and piss and shit myself and cry and plead for him to leave me alone..........Talk tough and when confronted, run and hide......That is the 38 year old virgin, Lloyd Austin Davies, internet retard and biggest loser on planet earth!

You got a PURTY mouth, boy!!

Squeal like a PIG, Boy!

Can't you just hear the "Deliverance" theme in the background?

LARDASS (as he affectionately known on the net, and some have gone as far as to call him Mongolloyd!) wonders why he can't get anywhere with women. Not that he really wants to, anyways. He looks like he's about to give birth or just swallowed a basketball...he is 5'06" tall and purported to weigh at least 350 lbs...his green, rotten teeth can just barely been seen in this picture. This uneducated loser lives in a HUD low-income, public housing apartment complex in the ghettos & slums of Athens, AL. The poor ill-educated fatassed slob can only manage to deliver pizzas for a living, and on the weekends run a used junky, outdated computer parts "store" at the local flea market... Now , he fancies himself as a "talk show host" after stealing the idea from some others who post to the NIM Busters message board. LARDASS' voice is ill-suited for such a task, since he has the voice of a squeaky little girl. His delivery of his so-called news is akin to a bumbling, stuttering, stammering inept fool. That is, when he isn't actually crying and whining. His shows have little to do with shortwave radio, and more of trying to lamely bash those that have handed his fatass to him on the internet on a regular basis. Lloyd has been a ham for many years, yet all he can manage is th beginner's ham license. You can visit Lloyd's internet newsgroups, alt.cocksucker.lardass.lloyd-davies and alt.asshole.lloyd-davies.