aww hell, mickey about peed his panties when I nailed him over trying to Swat an innocent guy on one of his "shows". He tried to put the blame back on me, sorry not my doing fuktard.

The real Pete was all cool about it, I gave him a heads up. Understand Pete's a 4Chan freak. He just laughed it all off.
He's a dick weed but okay.

mighty mickey moron was just appalled at me over that one
went all Newstard, didn't do a show for quite awhile after I showed how badly he shit the bed
yeah, it was all MY fault, see I was supposed to email his dumb ass after he started leaving skid marks all over his internet mattress here.

I had told the idiots here MANY times before that it was just a troll
guess mickey meth tweeker missed all that
even did it on Stan's Subgurls board

For some time both Blob and I shared that handle, I eventually let him take it over exclusively

I mean only a complete retard would call for Swatting based only on a name on a forum
talk about bed shitting

That one was just classic

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