In the meantime, specifically later today and for the rest of the week, I, the Daleks and Beddy are the special guests of another dear friend and colleague, RBN chief John Stadtmiller, at his luxurious weekend getaway by the lake! While it's true that Johnstadt will be proffering a live broadcast from here on this holiday, prior to and following its conclusion, it will be nonstop party time for ALL of us! At daybreak tomorrow, we are taking Johnstadt's pleasure cruiser out from the shores of the lake in order that Beddy will be able to get in some fishing for piranha, which we will consume for our luau with cases of Dom Perignon, vintage 1975, tomorrow night whilst we watch the fireworks splay all across the night sky! Armed with only swim goggles and a stiletto, Joe Beddy dives into the water and catches the monstrous little carnvores BY HAND, something Chuck Norris sure as hell could NEVER do, heheh!! *NM*

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