Polly Anna Love shared a video. 19 hrs · tagAdd Topics How can we celebrate OUR freedom, whilst knowing OUR tax money is going towards robbing others of their freedom AND stealing their children as well! I will not celebrate a country that is behaving this way and neither should you, IF YOU HAVE A HEART THAT FEELS! Please join us in lighting a candle for these STOLEN CHILDREN TO FIND THEIR WAY HOME! Any time of the day is good, but especially at 9pm Central time. LET'S LIGHT UP THIS COUNTRY WITH LOVE TO SHOW THE WORLD; WE CARE EVEN IF they Don't! Let's Make this Happen Please! We the People will show the world that We Care, even if our government doesn't! We ask the whole world to stand with us against HATE! Please join us on July 4th, 2018 at 9 pm CENTRAL, by lighting a candle for all of the stolen immigrant children, by this administration, to be returned home to the families that love them NOW! *NM*