America enough is enough! I pray sensible, America loving Republican, independent, Progressives, and Green party, voters will put country before party this November and join democrats and vote for America and their children's future!! Lets do this! We patriots, not party affliciates, but American Patriots can't allow Russia and the Republican party to run/destroy this country anymore! We have no congress, that's willing to execute their responsibility! The Republican Party is corrupt! It's up to patriotic Americans to save this country! Vote blue and let's get these Republicans out, and the tax cut for the wealthy and the Trump executive orders rescinded and Russian sanctions enacted, Get sensible gun control enacted, reenact EPA safety regulations, stop cuts to social security, Medicaid, and medicare,! Remove the irresponsible tariffs on our allies! Enact sanctions on Russia and Korea! Let's make America respected and safe again! *NM*

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