11/23/18 - Todd Daugherty Diary, the Life and Times of a 50 year old autistic man

Dear Diary,

Well, another Thanksgiving has passed and another opportunity to babysit also has gone. They wouldn't let me babysit my nieces and nephews again this year which is too bad. I would have given them nice, warm long baths and then sit on my warm lap for hours at a time. A few of my cousins came over also but they also made sure their children were always being watched. Maybe they will trust me with them next Thanksgiving or Christmas.

If I wasn't so shy, I would grow my beard and try to play Santa Claus at the Mall. I would have to go to Springfield or Decatur and hope that no locals recongnize me a Santa suit because they would beat me up. The idea of having children sitting on my lap telling me what they want for Christmas is cool. I would also tell them what Santa WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS and tell them to keep a secret between Santa and themselves. I might get up the courage to go apply for Santa if Mommy & Daddy help me fill out the application.

The stupid MOTHER FUCKERS at HateandFlame finally got their site back up but at least they got a site. My Twitter and twitch are still banned from the internet because of the COCKSUCKING MOTHER FUCKERS DICK WEEDS so FUCK YOU UP THE ASS™!!!! But for a few days, I WON because they were down. One of these days I'm going to sue MICKEY for 115 million dollars and TRUST ME, I will get a lawyer this time. YOU'LL SEE YOU'LL SEE!!! Sure, I have said hundrewds of times in the past I was going to get a lawyer but DAMN IT, this time i FUCKING mean it!!!! Got it ASSHOLES??? I'll own the website and I'll own his ass.

And speaking of ASSHOLES, that dog damn MOTHER FUCKER Expose Bad Hams on Twitter is another one I am going to soo into the groupnd. I'll sue him for 200 million dollars and there is nothing he can do about it either. I'm also going to sue Twitter for alloinwg him to remain on Twitter while THEY BAN ME. That's right, I defend myself and THEY FUCKING BAN ME!!! It's a violatinog of my constituional rights of Free Speech, Free Press, 14th amendment, and violation of my 24th amendment because they keep me from voting because they got all the locals ready to beat me up on the street.

Well that does it for today, I got so much more on my mind but I am going to go play Minescraft for the next 18 hours.

So FUCK YOU world,


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