The King of Knob Jobs in Alabama has moved!

It's difficult to keep up where the Obese, knob polishing, goo gobbling moron is presently living.

He was evicted from the single wide trailer in Alabama after he was fired (yet again) from another "High Paying" pizza delivery job.

Last heard, he had convinced his parents in Belle Plaine, Iowa to let him come back home (again) until he found employment.

Well, he got a job (sort of) at the local thrift store as a part-time employee 2 days a week.

And, wouldn't you know it he got caught stealing from another employer (again).

Nobody, I repeat NOBODY wants to have anything to do with this odorous, filthy, individual again.

Maybe he'll do the world a great big favor and join his deceased "freinds." (Porky's spelling).