From a discussion Mickey and I had in the sweat lodge the other day: Who are you? Are you chahta? Christianity has doen it's best to erase who you are. They've done such a good job that you dont even know what they were doing. It's not easy to be humble, it's not easy to admit that we've been deceived. It was their way or dont exist. Our grandparents were humble. They set everything aside EVERYTHING so that our people would survive in these times. A time when we can stand up, a time when we can be chahta and not be shot, a time when we can be chahta and not be removed. OUR GRANDPARENTS HAD INSIGHT. IT IS OK TO BE CHAHTA TODAY. OUR GRANDPARENTS KNEW THAT THROUGH THEIR STRUGGLE ALTHOUGH MANY MIGHT BE LOST, THAT THERE WOULD BE A FEW NO MATTER WHAT STRUGGLE THAT WOULD CARRY OUR TRADITIONS, WHAT WE HAVE LEFT. THEY DID NOT SACRIFICE SO YOU WOULD BE CHRISTIAN. WE WERE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS TO LIVE ON THIS LAND, HASHTATLI THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE THERE WAS A JESUS. DONT BE FOOLED. *NM*

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