LET’S STOP WORRYING ABOUT PRESIDENT BOZO, AND: -The way he treats women -How he insults heroic POW’s. -How he proudly admitted he molests women and gets away with it being a “star”. -That he received 5 Draft-Deferments to avoid serving in the military. -How belligerent he is to journalists. -How he mocks the handicapped. -That he said the KKK are “fine people”. -How he undermines the FBI, CIA, and the Constitution. -That he lies to the American people literally every day. -That he still has not visited ANY US Service Men and Women deployed overseas. -How he has sided with Dictators and various Autocrats who are anti-American. LET’S START WORRYING ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM, AND THOSE WHO STILL SUPPORT HIM AND HIS RHETORIC!! *NM*

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