Wrong, Fake Melcur. Don't believe everything the jew media tells you. I never revealed any marital problems to any of my friends until just the day I "offed myself" by conveniently pouring my "problems" out on my blog (which was posted by somebody else). The Feds knew my every move. They even tried to claim that I, an ex military firearms expert who could've far more easily put a gun to my head, instead hanged myself with one of those toy nooses Hal was selling at the time. Those things weren't even big enough to hang a G.I. Joe action figure with. Hal also tipped the Feds off to Artie Wheeler's gunpowder stash, even though the niggers who surrounded Artie in his neighborhood all had far in excess of what Artie had in terms of munitions. Again, don't be so fucking gullible. The real Curt Maynard knew the score. You don't. *NM*

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