11/27/2018 - Todd Daugherty, the Life and Times of an Autistic 50 year old man

Dear Diary,

Well it snowed last night and it was preitty. I got to watch it from the window while Daddy had to shovel it from the sidewalk and steps. I w3ould offer to help him but I am fat and lazy plus why should I help when Daddy & Mommy provide for my every need already? It's not like they are going to throw me out if I didn't help. It's just like the dishes, Mommy does all the dishes while I just eat and dirty up the plates. They also hire a weekly maid to clean my play area and my bedroom for me. Ah, the life those FUCKTARDS at Hate&Flame and Twitter only dream of. Even though they are my parents and legal guardians witrh full power of attorney over me, I enjoy the lifestyle of not having to worry about anything at all except for trolls. I don't have to work, I can stay up until 6 in the mornig and play Minecraft 15 hours a day. Those FUCKERS are just jealous of me.

I hope Mommy & Daddy buy me a good computer for Christmast becuase the FBI won't give my back my computer so I need a new one to play GTA V. This peice of shit computer my younger & normal brother bought me is a piece of shit. It can't even run GTA III right or the Sims 4, all of which I downloaded from online torrents. Why should I buy them when I can abuse my fathers account and download them for free? A few months ago, Mommy & Daddy bought me a new cellphone, an out of production model that normally sells for $50 but they paid $250 for it. I don't care, it's their money and as long as they spend it on me, I dont give a FUCK. They bought the phone for me so I could go outside and not worry about 7th graders beating me up on the street. But those MOTHER FUCKERS on Twitter said if I was going to be mugged or beaten up, I would never get a chance to dial 911. So I am still scared to leave the house without Mommy & Daddy. And secretly, I can't wait for my grandfather to die so I can inherit a few $1,000. Sure, I'll buy more anime dolls and maybe my dream doll, a real life atmotically correct girll doll. That is my dream besides a real child. But beggers can't be picky.

Well that is all for today and I am in a good mood.

So until tomworrow

With Love,

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