11/28/18 - Diary of Todd Daugherty, the Life and Times of a 50 year old Autistic

Dear Diary,

I see the desires of Hate&Flame wanting to suck my dick is strong today. The MOTHER FUCKERS can't stop talking about me and even pretended I was in a wreastlig match with Lloyd Lardass Davies. And they had me losing when that pile of Lard fell on top of me. But in real life, I would beat the fat out of that COCKSUCKER Davies within 20 seconds. I might be a bit shorter but I am in much better shape, faster, and of course smarter. I would sneak in the ring a needle and pop it into his big belly and make the beach ball that Lloyd swallowed go pop!!! I am also mad at Lloyd because when I got arrested for threatening to blow up that school, that pile of blubber stopped supporting me and disappeared for good. Ten years ago, we were best pals, exchanging anime porn with each other and sharing our love for shortwave radio. And even with that, Lloyd was jealous of me because I was able to get my general license and Lloyd kept failing his exams. But I had Uncle Jesse Franklin has my tester so he just fudged the results for me with the FCC. It helps to have friends, even if they are as old as my Mommy and Daddy. And I don't weigh 350 pounds like TimeLard Davies does. I'll outlive him.

I also played 15 hours of Minecraft today, only taking time out for Mommy to wipe me down and to eat my Oreos. Tomorrow, I am going to work on what will be a numbet one eller on the New York Times list, my book, "Piper before Dawn". I have been writing this for 35 years now but I'll get tyhis published one day, YOU'LL SEE YOU'LL SEE!!!! Sure, I stole the idea from other books but who cares, I've never had an original thought in my life and I am not going to start now. I am up to 8,000 words, or I have maanged to write a word every two days since starting the book. But I will be FAMOUS!!!!! My parents told me I was special and DAMN IT, you'll see I am special when the book is published. It will be in Barnes & Noble and made into a movie and I will be a millionaire. Of course, since I am suing 100 people for a total of 3 billion dollars combined, this is chicken feed. With 3 bnillion dollars, I can start my own doll making company with 9 year old girls and still have 3enough to buy off all the government to keep from being sooed.

Well, that is all for today MOTHER FUCKERS

With Love,

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