Let's talk Kamala Harris, the dumb bitch who slept her way up the Mexifornistan political ladder. The recent increase in Repug majority in the Senate necessitates a re-arrangement of the Senate Judiciary Committee make-up. The Repugs gain a seat and the Dems lose one. Lowest seniority on the committee traditionally would be the one to go. That would be Kamala "IDaHo" Harris. But will she invoke the double whammy of Black Privilege plus Cunt Privilege to retain her high visibility seat and thereby maintain her Presidential aspiration viability? That would mean the next lowest in seniority would be dropped. But that's Cory "Retardacus" Booker, another dumbass with presidential aspirations. So, will IDaHo hold her seat and keep her dream alive of screwing the USofA? Stay Tuned. *NM*

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