Yeah, this has been true for years, now. The President's their bitch. Has been at least since the beginning of last century. I'm pretty sure only menure-as, but no Christmas trees are allowed in Jew York Shitty public screwels, too. The cucks love to place the blame on the Muslims, as though they have any political power (they don't). Anything to divert attention away from the filthy, rat faced, hook nosed spawns of satan. 5weep, my command of the English language is pretty good, as I think I've proven time and again, yet, I lack the vocabulary to describe the intensity with which I loathe not only the kikenvermin, but their shabboy goyim enablers like Hannity, Limbaugh, Hal Turner, his rent-boy Paul Gellar/Dibenedetto, Frankel and Jewn and now even Jamie/James Kelso. *NM*

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