Fantastic post which which encapsulates an entire volume of wisdom in only a few paragraphs as to why Whites are not "doing it to ourselves" or "allowing it to happen" as far too many kids & dummies like to assert. Troll Central (VNNF) & Storefront used to have more of these types of posts and posters before Linderwitz & Don Black's moderators, recruited from the old Hannity "Freedom Concerts", banned them or at least caused them to leave on their own. It'd be comedy gold listening to the self-proclaimed "Most Dangerous Caller In The History of Talk Radio" and "Talk Radio's One Man SWAT Team", i.e., Barney Frank From Queens & Jewn From Staten Island try to refute even one point made in this post. They couldn't. That's why the two jewcock-suckers never have & never will enter into a debate with White Nationalists in a venue the two jewcock-suckers do not control. In a fair and uncensored debate, Frankie & Johnny wouldn't last long against Duke, Roper, Advo, MacDonald or Mike King. *LINK*

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The question (or title) should be "Can whites be convinced not to support their own people?"

The answer of course, is: Yes.
A commentator, Holocaust SurvivorsGone Wild says something similar:

Fear and Loathing and Treason – Part 2 | Age of Treason

When people like [Dr. Kevin] MacDonald ask, “What’s wrong with Whites?” what they’re really asking is why do Whites accept what harms them. But the answer is very simple: because that’s what they’re conditioned to do from the moment they set foot in Jewish-run pre-schools to when they step out of Jewish-run colleges. And if the conditioning doesn’t work, Jews have laws that allow them to throw dissenters into prison.

So the real question is, how can Whites not act like this? How are Whites supposed to behave in their own interest when the majority of Whites are brainwashed for years on end, ingesting continual psychological abuse from Jews and traitorous elites from childhood into adulthood? What are Whites supposed to do when the ones who aren’t brainwashed are thrown into prisons?

If Whites had dominion over Jews, totally outlawed their religion and cultural practices, deracinated them by forbidding them from organizing in any way, and forced them to attend White-run schools where Jewish children learn of the evils of Jewish history, Jews too would very quickly be molded into self-hating, psychologically dysfunctional and self-destructive lemmings.

What’s happening isn’t supernatural and it isn’t complex. One group is dominating another and driving it to extinction. [end]

HSGW has also commented: Fear and Loathing and Treason – Part 2 | Age of Treason

“The jews are able to prevent us from listening to ourselves.”

and that is what certain parasites in nature do, they take over the central nervous system and drive the host to kill itself.

Suicide Grasshoppers Brainwashed by Parasite Worms

So in a way, the suicide meme is right… however, what MacDonald and the rest don’t understand is that Whites are only committing suicide because they can literally no longer think. Their thinking has been hijacked by the Jewish parasite, which seeks to destroy it. [end]

AND this:

I don’t support the “suicide” meme at all, as it’s based on the idea that Whites:

- Consciously recognize themselves as White.
- Consciously want to destroy themselves, and their fellow Whites.

It’s not like that. Yes, Whites are basically killing themselves, but not because of their natural thoughts or inclinations, and certainly not because they have reasoned that it’s the good thing to do. They’re under the sway of Jews. That’s why I like to call them golems as opposed to liberals. They’re not liberals, as there’s nothing liberal about them. They’re soulless machines doing what they’ve been programmed to do.[end]

and this:

Whether traitorous Whites believe themselves to be morally righteous or not is completely irrelevant. Some of them might be aware of their treason and are merely going along with the Jews to achieve wealth and status (typically sociopathic elites like the Clintons, Bushes, Rockefellers, etc.), while others (typically everyday types) might be doing so simply because they’re told by Jews that it’s the “moral” thing to do.

Certainly Stauffenberg and his fellow aristocratic conservative fools thought they were being patriotic in trying to decapitate the Reich’s leadership and surrender to their enemies to “save Germany,” even though the terror-bombings, mass murders, and mass rapes the Allies were committing made it abundantly clear that their intention was not to subdue Germany, but to annihilate it. Western governments are full of hopelessly stupid people like Stauffenberg, who are somehow incapable of recognizing what kind of enemies they’re up against, no matter their level of wanton criminality and depravity. But most people aren’t like Stauffenberg; most people are simply sellouts.

Whether Whites are conscious of their treason or not is beside the point. Whether they are traitors or fools, their behavior stems from Jewish infiltration of the West. At the end of the day, the problem can only be solved by removing Jews from their seats of power and privilege.[end]

and this:

No, not all self-destructive white behavior stems from Jewish infiltration of the West.

That’s not what I said. I don’t claim that Whites lack self-destructive behavior. All races have that. The point is that what is leading to our racial destruction today is a result of Jewish power. Without Jews, the natural self-destructive habits of some Whites would be easily dealt with, and wouldn’t even be a problem to begin with, as these Whites would not rise to the top in any society, but would be shunned as weirdos or traitors.[end]

and this:

what I am (and others here are) saying is that the one road that’s causing our genocide leads to the Jews.

We have other problems, and we have dysfunctional elements in our society, but they are not the ones that started WWII, they are not the ones that destroyed Russia in 1917, they are not the ones who enforce open borders and hate speech laws in our lands, they are not the ones who use their power in media, academia, and finance to subvert our countries and promote miscegenation, and they are not the ones to whom the traitors answer.

But don’t you wonder what is it about whites that make us susceptible to this? Your answer to that question is, in one form or another, is simply to repeat: Jewish subversion. But the question remains, what makes us susceptible? It is as if we asked why do bullets harm us, and we are told: bullets.

All races are susceptible to Jewish manipulation. Jews have tremendous influence in China and Japan; did you not hear the recent controversy over the black beauty pageant winner in Japan? The organizer of the contest was a Jew. Believe me, if Jews wanted to, they could easily flock into Japan and wreck that country as well. If they succeed in destroying us, they probably will.

Jews have been engineered over the course of 2,000 years to live as parasites. They are a nation of people who are educated from childhood on how to deceive, how to gain trust, and how to manipulate. Jews are found across the planet: European Jews resemble Europeans. East Asian Jews resemble East Asians. Middle Eastern Jews resemble Middle Easterners. They use crypsis to achieve power in host nations. They are engineered to infiltrate, manipulate, and destroy. You’ve even written about this on your site: the metaphor you used was that Jews are like hackers who know how to find weaknesses in host nations and exploit that. Why are you playing dumb here?

Why is it a valid concern? Because currently we don’t have the power to change the Jews, or the traitors at the top, but we do have the power to change ourselves, and if we can render ourselves less susceptible to Jewish manipulation, then they lose their power over us.

Hitler did it. Did he do it by saying there’s something wrong with Germans, or did he do it by removing Jews from Germany?

We need to spread the word about Jewish treachery and Jewish hostility. We need people on our side. We need to get Whites to make a conscious decision: us, or the Jews.[end]

and this:

Whites must first realize that they have an external enemy. This is how I woke up: I learned that there is a group of people who are behind everything that is destroying the West. Once I knew there was an external enemy, then I proceeded to fix my internal pathologies.

This is how you wake Whites up, not by telling them that have innate pathologies or inborn altruism. This is far too abstract for most people, and it’s also disingenuous, because these pathologies were created by jews, an external enemy.

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