Post of the day nominee. A bit overlong but readable, pointed and educational. *LINK*

"Sounds good, but it's virtually certain that all of the ingredients you used (you had no choice) were kosher certified, i.e., the packages of flour, sugar, etc., are defaced somewhere on their packaging with the letter U or K in a circle. The "Kosher Tax" only means that some greasy, rat faced, hook nosed rabbi, not dissimilar to Woger Wiseman, "blessed" whatever food the packages contain, and the goyim were taxed (in the form of a "fee") for the "luxury". Funny how the kikenvermin kvetch and whine about "separation of church and state" but have no problem forcing their religion (pathology, actually) on the rest of us whenever the gubmit lets them, which is always."

Wood Chippers, Inc. -- 12/28/2018, 5:25 am