I clasp my hands every fucking day praying that fat imbecile Lloyd Austin Davies ex-N0VFP (self-deported off of Amateur Radio due to low intelligence) would get shitty-assed drunk and walk out staggering and slobbering into very heavy traffic and be hit by a tractor trailor. I wish there to be Lllarass blood and guts plastered all over some highway somewhere because I know that several weeks later I'll be able to piss on his grave. And it won't be a once in a lifetime pissing either. It won't be like visiting Mecca. No. It will be a MULTIPLE VISITATION exercised yearly to Lloyd's untended pauper's grave where I will piss with glee on it. I'll FUCKING PISS SO MUCH ON HIS POORMAN'S LIMESTONE GRAVE THAT AFTER A FEW YEARS IT WILL DISSOLVE INTO THE GROUND. *NM*

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