Eustace Mullins was Nazi. Read history by a REAL HISTRIAN. Your the type of asshole who would read account of WWii written by a Nazi and take it as G-d honest truth. You probably never even read The Rise And FAll of the Third Reich. That was written by a REAL HISTORIAN, WILLIAM SHIRRER. Its a huge book congtainging everything everybody needs to know about what evil fucks the NAzis were. And still are. Wiuhtout out the Federal Reserve created an elastic currency we would have had depressions and recessions and massive poverty. The standard of living has keep gone up since the Reserve was created by an act of Congress in 1913. You probably dont even pay your income tax asshole that you are. EVERYBODY PAYS HIS FARE SHARE!! OR THEY GO TO PRISON. THAT'S THE WAY FREEDOM WORKs asshole. I never heard a single talke show holst conservative or liberal ever say anyting bad about the Fedreal Reserve. They also never talk about race. Only fucking ANTISEMITIC LOSERS TALK ABOUT EITHER. Case closed. *NM*

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