You can shop anywhere you want in America and not have to get a permit or permission from government. Anything else (buy or sell a house, drive a car, buy or sell a gun, buy sell or start a business, build an addition onto your house, smoke pot, make beer, etc.) you do have to get permission as it should be. You should always ask a government official for permission before you do anything (except shop) so that the official can make sure you do it right because he's an expert more so than you. In Iceland, Norway and UK you have to ask permission before shopping. IN the UK you also need a license to watch TV. We are the freest people on the planet in America except for the instants I told you above where you need permission and lets' face it, you wouldnt' want to do any of those things without government permission anyway, thats' why you should be proud to be American and honor and respect forever the Military and Police who protect your right to be free. *NM*

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