Joe Beddy doesn't have time for that shit tonight. He, John Stadtmiller, Steve Elkins and James Kelso are hanging out at JohnStadt's vacation getaway by the lake, waiting to restart their pre-New Year's festivities, pending the return of Lloyd and the Daleks from their mammoth series of pizza deliveries during the past couple of days. Beddy, Stadt & Elkins are forcing that little twink Kelso to watch The Greatest Story Never Told on Stadt's 60" HDTV, and laughing their asses off watching him blubber like a little baby because Kuckso can't believe anybody would ever hold such "beastly savages" as Nazis in a positive light, lol. Meanwhile, Lloyd just finished up his delivery marathon which yielded him a cool $1,800 in tips, some of which he'll of course share with the Daleks, who helped him out. *NM*

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